//Fake conversions, sham marriages: Making a mockery of legal system

Fake conversions, sham marriages: Making a mockery of legal system

Chander Mohan and Anuradha Bali, now known as Chand Mohammad and Fiza Parveen after conversion to Islam and second marriageThe saga of Chander Mohan-Anuradha Bali, now (in)famously known as Chand Mohammad-Fiza love story, has finally ended into a tailspin of sorts. A peeved Fiza, who allegedly attempted suicide by consuming 25 non-fatal sedative alprazolam tablets, narrated her harrowing tale before the mediapersons in Chandigarh after her newly-wed husband suddenly left her house where he has been staying for the last two months.

Chand Mohammad, the elder son of former Haryana CM Bhajan Lal, after disappearing from Fiza’s house was reportedly spotted near Raj Ghat in New Delhi in an inebriated condition by police who brought him to the Daryaganj police station. Later, he left the police station saying that he would go back on his own. Chand Mohammad, however, went missing again only to resurface later outside Sector 14 residence of his brother Kuldeep Bishnoi to clarify before TV channels that he was missing his first wife Seema Bishnoi and children and that he could not stay away from them. He also said that he has not deserted Fiza and would like to stay with her as well.

Chander Mohan (43) alias Chand Mohammad and Anuradha Bali (37), now called Fiza Parveen, secretly converted to Islam and their nikaah solemnized by a Maulvi [Muslim priest] in Meerut in November 2008. Chand Mohammad paid Rs. 5 lakh as meher [Bridal price] to Fiza in order to skirt Hindu bigamy laws. They surfaced as husband and wife in December. The duo held a press conference to announce their marriage and revealed their plan to have a honeymoon in Switzerland and residence in Delhi. Professing their undying love for each other, they promised to live together till the last breath. They courted each other for the past five years before entering into wedlock as neo-Muslims.

Kalka MLA Chander Mohan, married to Seema Bishnoi for 13 years, was holding the post of Deputy Chief Minister of Haryana before his conversion to Islam. Anuradha Bali alias Fiza was married to a Mohali businessman but was divorced just after one year of marriage. Anuradha was a former Deputy Advocate General in Punjab, but before her marriage to Chander Mohan was serving as Assistant Advocate General of Haryana. Chander Mohan and Anuradha Bali were both not seen in public nor attending to their professional duties for the past one month giving credence to rumours about their elopement, which ultimately proved to be true after they resurfaced as lovestruck newly-weds.

The news about Chander Mohan’s conversion to Islam and second marriage came as rude shock to the Haryana government as well as his father ex-CM Bhajan Lal. They had to pay dearly for their ‘misdemeanours’ and had to lose their high-profile jobs. ‘Misdemenours’ because they had apparently converted to Islam to solemnize their respective second marriage. Chief Minister of Congress-led Haryana government Bhupinder Singh Hooda sacked Deputy Chief Minister Chander Mohan on November 26 on the plea that he absented from his office for past some time. Anuradha Bali too was sacked on the similar plea. An agitated Chand Mohammad’s father Bhajan Lal sharply reacted announcing that he has now disowned his rebel son Chander Mohan from his property and condemned his second marriage as a “shameless act”.

Fiza is now puzzled about her status. She says, “I don’t know what my status is today. I don’t even know if I am his wife or not. He is not coming out openly to tell. He used to send me messages for the last three years. He used to blackmail me that he will kill himself if I did not marry him. He threatened to shoot himself. I have been betrayed in true love. He has not spoken to me directly. I don’t even know whether he is now Chander Mohan or Chand Mohammed. A very bad game has been played with my life.” Fiza also claims, “He was shown saying that I am a ‘badhiya cheez’ (good object). Am I a vegetable, cold drink or lassi that he said so? I have been used.” Fiza is now thinking in terms of seeking revenge for Chand Mohammad’s betrayal. In a latest development, Fiza, after great of confusion on whether to press rape charges or take some other legal recourse, has lodged a police complaint (FIR) against Chander Mohan on 16 February 2009 foisting rape charges on him.