//Govt yet to prosecute 279 cases of HR violations in Kashmir: APDP

Govt yet to prosecute 279 cases of HR violations in Kashmir: APDP

Srinagar, Feb 28: Holding the monthly sit in protest the Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) Saturday said that the government of India has sanctioned 279 cases of those involved in Human Rights violations for prosecution; however, State government is still reluctant to act against the accused.

“A writ petition, pending before the JK high court, revealed that from 1990 to 2007, out of 455 cases sent by the State government to the Government of India for sanction, 279 cases have been sanctioned for prosecution by the GOI. But the unwillingness of State government to prosecute the accused is clear from the fact that no prosecution has been initiated against the accused,” said spokesperson APDP Ghulam Nabi Mir who was among several other family members of disappeared persons protesting peacefully at Municipal Park.
APDP holds a peaceful sit in on 28 of every month demanding action against the people who are involved in the HR violations.


“Number of people including army and police officials have been found guilty of disappearances, abductions and killings,” said Mir, adding “But the government is silent over the issue and no practical step is taken in this regard.”

There were scores of perpetrators including army officials who after investigation have been found accused of abduction, disappearances and killings said Mir. “But they have not been indicted despite the green signal from GoI, State government has failed to act against any such accused,” Mir said.

Mir said that the legal non accountability is the main reason of the enforced disappearances here and ‘the State is not willing to prosecute the perpetrators.’
APDP also demanded the arrest of a former deputy superintendent of police, Abdul Rashid Khan alias Rashid Billa, who is the main accused in the Soura triple murder case of 1999.

“Rashid is involved in the multiple human rights violation cases. But the patronage of the State has boosted his morale and he is moving freely without any fear of being booked by the law,” family members of the disappeared persons unanimously said.

However, Rashid Billa, disappeared “mysteriously” and has not been found ever since. The enquiry conducted by the CID department had implicated Billa in the disappearance case of Fayaz Ahmad Beigh, a KU employee who was arrested from campus in 1997,” said APDP.

Hakeem Irfan, www.risingkashmir.com