//Widespread condemnation of non-local migrants killings in Manipur

Widespread condemnation of non-local migrants killings in Manipur

IMPHAL, Mar 2: The killings of non-Manipuri migrants in the state by unknown gunmen have been strongly condemned by people all over the state.  A sit-in protest was staged today by the Chingamakha Model Club and the combined Meira Paibi Lups of the Singjamei area against the killing of a non-local named Sarjiban yesterday night at the rented house he was staying at Chingamakha Phura Makhong.

Placards like, “Don’t shoot in residential areas”, “Killing downtrodden people is bad”, “Stop gun culture” and “We stand against the killing of innocent people” were put up during the protest which started from 10 am and continued till 3 pm with around 100 people taking part.

The president of the Meira Paibi Lup of the area, Sanasam Sana said that the deceased was a daily bread earner and killing him by breaking the door of his room and shooting him was most despicable and inconsiderate.

She further said that if the family members of the person were hurt also, who was going to take the responsibility. She appealed to the government to look at the situation in the state carefully and take up necessary steps to protect the non-Manipuris in the state.

She said if these kind of incidents took place in the future the Meira Paibis would not remain silent. It would be better if the government put the non-Manipuris at a safe site with security, she added.

The Hind Mazdoor Sabha, Manipur said that in the last 10 to 20 years the killing of the non-Manipuris in the state had increased and it was very unfortunate. Most of the hardworking labourers were the non Manipuris and the killing of such people by unidentified persons or groups was strongly condemned by the sabha, it said while urging the groups not to carry out such acts on the migrants from different corners of the country who came in search of work.

The Centre for Social Development, CSD strongly condemning the killing of the non-Manipuris said they were completely innocent and only earning their daily bread in the state. It is questionable what profit could accrue from killing such innocent labourers who struggle for their livelihood, it said while stating that to bring justice through guns was not a good sign. It is the act of cowards and barbaric people, it added.

It is high time all individuals, civil society organizations and NGOs joined hands to bring an end to such beastly acts, it said while appealing to the state government to book the culprits and deliver justice.

The Women Action For Development while strongly condemning the killings of the non-locals asked why the innocents were being targeted. Such acts were inhuman and it would take many years to heal the pain and trauma caused due to the deaths. It appealed to all concerned to take the responsibility for the killings and give proper clarification about the killings. Killing innocent people at any time was not the only way of problem solving and brutal killings do not make any sense as it would only delay the development process in the state, it said.Where there is no peace and justice there will be no development, it added.

The Northeast Dialogue Forum strongly condemned the killing of non-Manipuris during the last two days stating that these non-Manipuris were manual workers in the marketplaces. If there was any mistake on their parts it would have been wise to bring up the matter publicly, otherwise such acts should be treated as acts of terrorists, it said. Using guns is not the solution and one should respect the dignity of such people who are our brothers and sisters living here for studies, business, jobs etc.

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