//NHRC received 94,559 complaints of rights violation

NHRC received 94,559 complaints of rights violation

 NEW DELHI, March 15  The official National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) of India has received a total of 94,559 complaints of human rights violation in 2008, reported the semi-official Press Trust of India news agency on Sunday. The report did not say in what kinds of specific situations a human rights violation complaint stands.

The northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has topped the list of all Indian states with maximum number of complaints relating to human rights violation, followed by the national capital New Delhi, said the report quoting NHRC statistics.

Out of a total 94,559 cases of human rights violation last year, about 58 percent or 55,216 cases are from Uttar Pradesh. New Delhii had 5,616 such complaints, said the report.

Gujarat in western India stands third in the list, accounting for a total of 3,813 complaints of human rights violation.The NHRC received a total of 3,672 such complaints from Bihar.
Haryana too was close with 3,493 complaints, followed by Maharashtra (3,483), Rajasthan (2,640) and Madhya Pradesh (2,246).

Lakshadweep, however, did not receive a single complaint of human rights violation, while Dadar and Nagar Haveli received only seven complaints.