//Appeal From Friends For Democracy- Mallika Sarabhai

Appeal From Friends For Democracy- Mallika Sarabhai

As a representative of Friends For Democracy, I, Mallika Sarabhai have decided to stand as a candidate from the Gandhinagar Constituency. I stand as a Gujarati and a patriotic Indian to reclaim politics back from politicians. I am not a third force but I have an alternative view of politics which wants to claim democracy back for the people.

I am standing from Gandhinagar but I think I also represent the women of Mangalore, the peasants of Nandigram, the farmers of Yavatmal, the victims of Khandamal.You might ask why now. My answer is that it is already getting late and politicians are stealing our parties from us.

I am a local person and I am here to fight local problems. I am grounded. I want to return to my constituency the gift of identity and community it has given me. I am appealing to everyone who is against the politics of hatred, divisiveness and exclusion to join me – people, groups and parties.

In solidarity and in peace,

Mallika Sarabhai

Office: 101, Sriniketan Apartments
Location:  Opp. Darpana Academy, Usmanpura, Ashram road, Ahmedabad, India 

Website: http://www.mallikasarabhai.com