//Two monkeys tie the nuptial knot in Orissa

Two monkeys tie the nuptial knot in Orissa

Bhubaneswar, Mar 26: In a bizarre ritual, locals tied the nuptial knot of two monkeys in Balasore district of Orissa. Thousands of villagers took part in this unusual marriage with lots of enthusiasm and zeal. The marriage, with the couple donned in wedding attire, was performed as per the Hindu rituals.
Villagers performed the ceremony in the belief that if they show love and affection towards animals they will also receive the same love and affection from the God.

The bride Champati has been adopted by Lily and Gora Singh as their daughter after her mother died from an electric shock. The groom Ramu too lost all his near and dear ones and has been under the shelter of one Brundaban from Bhadrak District. Lily, mother of the bride said that she was performing the marriage as a duty of a mother.

“Champabati’s mother was killed from electric shock. She became an orphan, we brought her to our and kept her as daughter. I am doing everything for her which a mother could do for her daughter,” said Lily.

The marriage was followed by a lavish feast for guests. Last year, a monkey marriage was held with pomp and show in Bhadrali district. By Sarda Lahangir

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