//Civil liberties group condemn attacks on Journalist

Civil liberties group condemn attacks on Journalist

New Delhi: Hyderabad-based Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee (CLMC) has condemned continuous attacks on esteemed Urdu daily Siasat editor Zahid Ali Khan, who is contesting parliamentary elections from Hyderabad constituency.
“The continuous attacks on Zahid Ali Khan are against the democratic values but unfortunately at present in Hyderabad the fascist forces are using all types of undemocratic methods and the police personnel are under the fascist forces. Government is not only silent, but also supporting this,” CLMC General Secretary Lateef Muhammad Khan said. “These attacks are not on Zahid Ali Khan but are on Democracy and are a big question mark on democratic values,” Khan said.

Three days back the convoy of Zahid Ali Khan was attacked in Hyderabad. Khan was attacked earlier also. Talking to TwoCircles.net he had accused Majlis Ittehadul Muslemeen activists for the attack. MIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi is contesting from the Hyderabad seat which he and before him his father has consecutively represented in the Lok Sabha.

Lateef M Khan further said the elements which are afraid of democracy and cannot contest democratically on the basis of issues, and who cannot face the people have resorted to the methods of attacking and terrorizing people. “The attacks on Zahid Ali Khan are a shameful act on whole civil society and silence on this is a moral crime. All these attacks are taking place in Muslim dominated areas and is a matter of deep concern that Muslims are not coming forward whereas Muslims belief is that wherever the attacks or atrocities take place they must try to stop them by hand and if not possible they should try to stop it by using their wordings and if at all these become impossible and cannot do anything then at least they can feel bad about it, one can curse them, show anger etc.”

While appealing to people to give a fitting reply to the anti-democracy forces by using their democratic right, the Civil Liberties group has demanded the Chief Electoral Officer Mr. I.V. Subba Rao to intervene and restore the democracy in Hyderabad.