//Cops accused of murdering Human Rights lawyer

Cops accused of murdering Human Rights lawyer

Naushad KashimjiMANGALORE:  Mangalore based human rights advocate Naushad Kashimji (37) was brutally shot dead near his residence at around 8:30 pm. According to the sources he received a phone call when he was at his residence “Sweet Homes” located in Falnir area near Attavar, Mangalore. When he came out of his apartment, two unidentified gunmen fired 7 rounds of bullet, 2 bullets pierced into his chest. After he was shot, Naushad ran about 200 metres for cover before collapsing in an apartment’s parking due to excessive bleeding.  According to the sources Naushad was continuously receiving death threats and he disclosed this to his friends that he is feared of police.

Bhatkal Tanzeem expressed their deep condolence and declared “Bhatkal Bund” on Friday, 10th April and demanded independent enquiry into the whole episode. Superintendent of Police Dr A Subramanyeshwar Rao said on Thursday that Kashimji was walking towards his apartment in Falnir on Dosa Camp Road when two assailants opened fire at him before fleeing the spot.

The advocate ran and tried to hide in an apartment but died due to excessive bleeding. A dog squad was pressed into service immediately but the sniffer dog ran towards the end of the road and lost trail. Five live bullets were found on the road.

Eyewitness said the lawyer was taken out of his home by two persons and the trio had an argument, following which he was shot at. The lawyer started running from the assailants and they followed him and pumped bullets into him. Though police did not confirm how many times he was shot, eyewitnesses said they saw bullet injuries near his neck and abdomen.

Neighbours of Kashimji told that his family members had gone to Bhatkal on Wednesday to attend a marriage. Kashimji was supposed to leave on Friday morning.

Kashimji was the lawyer for Rasheed Malbari – an associate of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim – who was nabbed recently.

Malbari was presented before the court on Thursday, He was in police custody till today and had been remanded to judicial custody till April 13

Besides Malbari, Kashimji had argued for Atul Rao, who reportedly helped Padma-priya, wife of Udupi MLA Raghupathi Bhat, to flee to Delhi, where she allegedly committed suicide. He was also handling many cases against police encounter.

S.O. News Service, 09 April 2009