//Hunger strike at Sabarmati Central Jail

Hunger strike at Sabarmati Central Jail

Patna: In protest to the oppression and brutality which were going on upon Muslim prisoners in Sabarmati Central jail of Gujarat, Maulana Naseeruddin was on indefinite hunger strike from 27th March 2009. He ended the strike two days ago.  When Maulana Naseeruddin, who himself is in Sabarmati Central Jail, came to know about the inhuman behavior of the officials with Muslim inmates, he demanded that violence be stopped, guilty police officials are punished and injured Muslim inmates are provided medical facilities. But when his demands were not heeded to, he went on indefinite hunger strike.

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee in a press release said that Maulana Naseeruddin detained in Sabarmati Jail of Gujarat for four and a half years, was on indefinite hunger strike against the atrocities on prisoners by the jail authorities.

The hunger strike of Maulana Naseeruddin put much pressure on the jail authorities. Therefore, they were forced to talk to him for ending his hunger strike.

Maulana made clear his stand that he would not end his strike until the jail authorities give him assurance that his demands will be fulfilled. Maulana handed over his list of demands and sought immediate implementation on that. He said that all the rights of the prisoners should be restored whole-heartedly.

He demanded the environment of judicial custody should be restored in the jail. Whoever prisoner commits mistake, only that particular person should be punished according to law instead of punishing all the inmates.

He asked that the beatings should be immediately stopped. Lathis and sticks should be immediately taken away from the wardens. All the facilities of medicines, hospitals and the recommendations of doctors should be provided.

He also said that FIRs of all the injured should be registered. They should be given medical treatment. Judicial inquiry should be conducted on all violence that took place in the jail and guilty officials should be punished.

The higher authorities assured Maulana that they will try to act upon his all demands and appealed him to end his hunger strike so that they get help to restore peace and normalcy in the jail premises.

They said that departmental inquiry would be conducted on the violence, the officials involved would be interrogated and action will be taken against them and the demand of judicial inquiry would be sent to the Gujarat Government.

Then Maulana conditionally ended his hunger strike but warned the jail authorities that if the demands were not met, the protest would be started again. He advised the jail officials not to violate human rights and stop cheating and making conspiracies against the prisoners because they can get away with all these in the world but cannot from the God’s eye.

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee (CLMC) said that by going on hunger strike, Maulana raised voice against the atrocities by the jail officials and brought out facts before the people. CLMC will use all its sources and would try to provide justice to end the violence and achieve the justice.

Manzar Bilal, TwoCircles.net,12 April 2009