//Is CBI hand in glove with Hindutva agencies?

Is CBI hand in glove with Hindutva agencies?

RSS Hindu militiaThe assumption that CBI is an impartial investigative agency which the Muslims thought is now gradually becoming a farce because of them itself. The Nanded blast in April 2006 had claimed the lives of two Bajrang Dal activists. The primary reports itself showed that the workers died when they were making bombs in the secret bombs factory of Bajrang Dal. Now, the question arises that for what reason the Bajrang Dal activists felt the need of secret bomb making? Why did they keep fake beard, Muslim caps, Kurtas and pajamas? What was the reason of the discovery of the maps of two mosques? It is evident that all these clues were strong enough to unveil the real agenda of Hindutava terrorist’s network. However, the local police had wiped out the whole case and the last hope for the justice was only CBI. The Maharashtra government was not ready to hand over this case to CBI investigations, the first step in this regard.
For these investigations of the Nanded blast incident a writ petition was filed by a Muslim organization in Aurangabad bench of Mumbai high court. Despite having all the merit in the Nanded bomb blast case the manner in which the CBI made excuses that they have loads of works is very regretting and suspicious too.. The manner of an investigative organization which is a part of Interpol as well was extremely shameful. Finally, the high court with its order forcibly put the responsibility of the investigations of the Nanded blast and the Maharashtra government also had to buckle to the demands of Muslim. But unfortunately the CBI made the same conclusions as that of the Maharashtra police and the case buried for ever.

This is extremely appalling point to a national organization like CBI. During the investigations of the Malegaon blast occurred in 29th September 2008, ex- ATS chief, martyred Hemant Karkare had found such clues and the suspects were arrested who were involved in the Nanded blast, particularly with the statement given by Ashok Dhawde it was revealed that he was involved in the Nanded blast. The links of the Nanded blast were also traced with LT Col. Prohit. The facts which came to known after the investigations (2008) of the Malegaon blast compelled the higher officials of CBI to “re-opening” of the Nanded blast case file, which obviously shows that the charge sheet submitted by CBI in the Nanded blast case was incomplete and that logical investigations were not conducted in this regard. The main culprits including Ashok Dhawde and LT. Col. Prohit was released untouched. Now the question arises that which officers had performed this act? Action should be taken against those officers involved in this act.

The manner of CBI in the case of Nanded blast shows its anti-Muslim behavior and the backing of Hindutava terrorists. This is the real reason for which the trust of Muslim community on CBI has shattered and the organization has lost its value and importance to Muslim community. Muslims have no trust and faith on the organization anymore.

Now the question arises that when the Muslim of Hyderabad did not trust the local and state police department regarding the investigations made in the Makkah Masjid bomb blast case, then why did they demand the CBI investigation of the case? Was it to carry on the partial and biased blind investigations? Alas! The CBI had provided the important and useful clues for Makkah Masjid bomb blast case, Samjhota Express bomb blast case and Dargah Ajmer bomb blast case. However, the CBI disappointed the Muslims of Hyderabad. Particularly it eliminated last ray of hope of the families, where youngsters are in the jails, being punished for the crimes committed by someone else.

At this juncture, how and why should a Muslim trust CBI? What CBI has done till now so that Muslim can trust them? The bomb blast occurred in Malegaon on September 8 2006 on the holy day of Shab-e-Baraat. Indian Muslim have the firm belief that the difference of opinions among the different school of thoughts of Indian Muslims till now had not reached to that extent that they would target the Mosques, graveyards and tombs of the each others. Hence, there can’t be the hand of any Muslim in the September 8, 2006 Malegaon blast. And the story created and later submitted in the court by the police in this regard was neither believed by the Muslims of Malegaon nor was it believed by the Muslims of Maharashtra and India. And on the basis of this story dozens of Muslim youths were dragged in the jails for the crimes which were not done by them.

The Muslims have been expressing their non-confidence on the police investigations made on the Malegaon bomb blast case (September 8 2006) and were demanding the CBI investigations. However, in this case also CBI adopted the same manner which it had adopted in the Nanded blast case by showing the same illogical excuses of having work load and lack of staff and the dilly-dallying was continued. Finally, to the protest of the Muslims the Maharashtra government bent it knees and the government itself goes ahead to handed over the Malegaon bomb blast case to CBI for investigations. CBI takes the case as the responsibility forcibly put on its shoulders. However, the case didn’t take any progress. The role of the CBI was the same as it was former-ATS.

The manner of CBI in this regard is not only disappointing but it also is the appalling as well. Only Muslim youths have been dragged into jails in names of investigations despite having the clear proofs of their innocence. Muslim youths were put in the jails for the crimes done by others and with the help of laws like MCOCA and UAPA the youths were denied bail and the all the hopes in these case have been cleared. In the cases of Malegaon arm seizures and the Malegaon bomb blasts the Muslims were hopeful that the will get the justice through CBI. However, the manner of the CBI was the same as it had been earlier. In the Malegaon bomb blast case this is the part of the charge sheet that the gang consisting of Sadhvi Pragya, Diyanand Pande and LT. Col. Prohit had conducted the blast in such a way that the SIMI would be accused in the case. However, they were failed in this regard as ATS was being lead by Late Hemant Karkare. However, what is the guarantee that the Malegaon bomb blast was not conducted by them. There is a strong possibility that the Malegaon bomb blast of September 8, 2006 was conducted by the same Hindutava gang. They were successful that the SIMI would be held responsible. Had the CBI made the investigations from this side? Of course! Not. In this regard CBI has adopted the same way which was adopted by the former ATS. Muslims are crying, calling and shouting, but the CBI has not a least regard for their feelings and the Muslims of the whole country are busy in Loksabha election. Dr. Salman Farsi and others accused in the Malegaon bomb blast case are on the hunger strike in the Ratnagiri jail in Maharashtra for the disappointing manner and inactivity of CBI. The wives, fathers, kin and other households of all the accused of the Malegaon bomb blast case are writing letters to the prominant political leaders and officers from Mumbai to Delhi. However, the request has come under the election fevers and activities.

Isn’t there any one to hear their pleadings? Isn’t there anybody even from their own community, who are busy in hearing the speeches of political leader?

(From the Editorial page of Rashtriya Sahara, Bangalore dated: 30th March 2009)