//Millionaire encounter specialist get his job back

Millionaire encounter specialist get his job back

Mumbai, May 7 (ANI): Mumbai encounter specialist Pradeep Sharma was reinstated in service on Thursday nearly eight months after being dismissed for his alleged links with the underworld.  The Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal asked the State Government to reinstate him with immediate effect with back wages.
The court also said Sharma’s dismissal should not be included in his confidential record.  In August last year, Sharma was accused of amassing up to Rs.3, 000 crore in illegal wealth. Sharma joined the Mumbai police in 1983 as a sub inspector and gradually acquired a reputation of being Mumbai Police’s Dirty Harry.  He has 112 “encounter killings” to his credit.
Reacting to his reinstatement, Sharma said: “I was a victim of previous administration but I have no grudges against anyone. I respect judiciary have full faith in God.” (ANI)