//Outlook interview with NCHRO President

Outlook interview with NCHRO President

NCHRO President Hosbet SureshHuman rights activist and retired Bombay High Court judge on high-profile legal wrangles
Snigha Hasan of Outlook Magazine Interviews NCHRO President Justice Hosbet Suresh

  • Why the to-do about legal aid for Kasab?

It was unnecessary and wasted precious time. The legal procedure requires the State to ensure both parties have legal aid so justice is administered at the earliest.

  • Anjali Waghmare, who agreed to represent him, was threatened by a political outfit.

It is fundamentally wrong… a kind of moral policing. In a democracy, rule of law must prevail.

  • What is the fastest way to deal with Kasab?

Book him only under the serious offences he committed. The theory of conspiracy is being put forth when many conspirators are absent. By now, the case should have been shut.

  • Is there need for special legal procedures in such cases?

Our legal system is in accordance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and is sound enough to try any case.

  • Should Varun Gandhi have been booked under NSA?

He should be charged under sections 153 (A) & (B) (threat to national harmony and integrity). He should be prosecuted within 15 days. This has resulted in uncalled for publicity.

  • What about MPs with criminal charges?

Our MPs have cases of serious offence against them. Even L.K. Advani, the projected PM, had the Babri Masjid demolition case going on against him for years.

  • What is the role of judiciary in this aspect?

The judiciary could have nipped incendiary issues in the bud instead of encouraging them.

  • How successful are fast-track courts?

It is a half-hearted attempt where the target is far from being attained.

  • Tell us about the brain drain from the legal to the corporate sector.

Law schools are producing corporate lawyers instead of genuine lawyers. The profession is looked up to as a money-minting business.

  • The focus of current judicial activism is…

Haphazard. There’s no place for the poor.

Courtesy : The Outlook Magazine, May 11, 2009.