//Influential muslim body demand compensation to torture victims

Influential muslim body demand compensation to torture victims

New Delhi: The Markazi Majlis (Central Committee) of the All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, the umbrella body of Indian Muslim organisations demanded fair governmental invernetion under  the issue of terrorism. The MMM noted that “while open arms-training by Hindutva gangs continues, Bajrang Dal announces to recruit 25 lakh more workers, Abhinav Bharat terrorist organisation is still functioning and its leaders are at large, the Bhonsala school where the Hindutva terrorists received armed training still functions as if nothing has happened, and Hindutva terrorists are extending their activities to the neighbouring Nepal, arbitrary arrests of Muslim youths in the name of unknown and unproven outfits continues, Muslim youths are routinely acquitted by courts after years of incarceration but without a word of apology or compensation for smashing their careers.

The MMM urged the central government to fix a uniform compensation for innocents whose lives and careers are destroyed as a result of prolonged incarceration.” The MMM further said that if the powers that be are serious to fight terrorism, they must also check state-terrorism as it breeds what they claim to check. The MMM registered its alarm that Gujarat under Modi has become the hub where plots are hatched in the name of fighting “terrorism” to kidnap Muslim youths from various parts of the country and take them to the torture cells in Gujarat. The MMM said that the latest plot of the Modi government with the cooperation of other BJP-ruled states is to initiate a witch-hunt against Muslim youths who may have been at any time in the past associated in any way with the banned SIMI. The MMM condemns this witch-hunt and considers the Union home ministry responsible for condoning Modi government’s machinations against the Muslim community in the name of fighting “terrorism”.

In the context of the shameful incident of Shopian and AFPSA, the MMM condemned the continued violation of human rights of Kashmiri civilians by the army and security forces in Kashmir and called for the withdrawal of the army and paramilitary forces from the towns and villages of Kashmir. The MMM also demanded the earliest repeal of the notorious AFPSA law in both Kashmir and the Northeast as it breeds a culture of lawlessness and unaccountability on the part of the armed forces which as a matter of principle must not be used against civilian populations anywhere in the country.

The MMM also warned the UPA government not to be tempted by its majority to implement the so-called “reforms” on the IMF pattern or pro-rich policies. It said that the pro-rich economic model has failed in the West and we should not think that it will succeed in India. The MMM also asked the UPA government to open the doors for the Islamic finance which promotes participation and accountability and discourages greed which is at the heart of the failed capitalist model.

The AIMMM adopted a number of resolutions on the current national and international situation. In a resolution on the general elections, it welcomed the result of the polls, particularly the defeat of the communal forces and the formation of a secular government under the leadership of the INC. It expressed hope that an unfettered UPA will be able to implement the policies and intent announced by the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who has said that Muslims on account of their backwardness should have the first claim on resources. The MMM said that the generosity or otherwise of the Congress-led UPA government will decide if the Muslim return to the fold of the Congress is permanent or not. The MMM expressed it disappointment that very few Muslims were elected to the Lok Sabha raising the Muslim deprivation level to nearly 60% for various reasons, including the denial of tickets by secular parties and the contest among them in Muslim concentration seats and the division of Muslim votes. Indeed, eight states in which the Muslims are concentrated have recorded on even higher level of deprivation. The MMM noted with dismay that while the Muslim electorate had played a notable role in defeating the communal forces and thus ensuring the formation of a secular government at the Centre, it has been under-represented in the constitution of the Council of Ministers.