//Journalists demands release of Bisawambar Baliarsingh

Journalists demands release of Bisawambar Baliarsingh

A Working Journalist has been arrested in eastern Indian state Orissa’s Capital city Bhubaneswar after a case was registered under Scheduled caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocity) Act in Balipatana police station. After the incident scribes of the state have heavily reacts on the way police made this arrest. Some journalist alleges that Police drag the journalist and misbehave him during the arrest.

Reports say that, Biswambar Baliarsingh, editor of a weekly newspaper ‘Ghurnibatya’ approaches local bank officer in a loan issues for a farmer. After some argument, Bank officer file a case against him in Balipatana police station. On the allegation police arrest Baliarsingh on 16th August, 09, says officer-in-charge of the police station. Meanwhile local court in Bhubanewsar denied bail and sends the journalist to judicial custody.

After this incident scribes in the state reacts heavily in the way a journalist was arrested. Minaketan Mishra, a Bhubanewsar based Journalist present during the arrest of the Baliarsing said, Police don’t permit the scribe to inform about his arrest to his family members. And when he asked about his guilty, a police officer misbehave him and other police forces drag him to the police vehicle.

“Police kept the journalist whole night in the police station without any food or water. No one is allowed to meet him”, alleges Mr. Mishra.

National Union of Journalists also condemned this acts of the police. Without any investigation police arrest the Journalist. Even after knowing that he is a journalist, Police arrest in an illegal way, alleges Prasanna Mohanty, the Vice-president of National Union of Journalists based at Bhubaneswar. He also demands early and unconditional release of the journalist.

Some citizen forum also plans to take the issue before the National Human rights commission. It is a totally violation of human rights. We will take the matter to the court or Human right commission, says Advocate Nishikanta Mishra, secretary of Nagarika Surakhya Mancha, an organization working for the safeguard of fundamental rights of the citizen.