//Zimbabwean man died in Pune Jail

Zimbabwean man died in Pune Jail

A Zimbabwean man died in an Indian prison where he was serving a jail term for a dangerous drug-related offence. Bernard Mtombeni Chapanga from Chiredzi died on July 7 this year in Pune, India where he was serving his sentence.

He was convicted in 1993. His family is failing to repatriate the body for burial. Officials from India notified the Foreign Affairs Ministry who in turn informed the police.

Sources said police in Chiredzi were subsequently notified in a bid to locate Bernard’s relatives. The Herald understands that Bernard’s brother, Robert appealed to the Government to assist them in repatriating the body since they have no money. “The relatives were notified and said they were poor and unable to raise cash to repatriate the body,” sources said.

Some of the family members even suggested that the body should be cremated. Police spokesperson Superintendent Andrew Phiri yesterday confirmed that they had received information from the Home Affairs Ministry before contacting police in Chiredzi.

“We were only contacted to inform the relatives of the deceased only,” he said. He could not divulge details of Bernard’s jail sentence.