//Andhra Pradesh CM dead in chopper crash, astrologers blame "muhurtham"

Andhra Pradesh CM dead in chopper crash, astrologers blame "muhurtham"

Y S Rajashekhara ReddyNEW DELHI: Prime Ministers Office declared on Thursday that Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy died in an air crash. The helicopter carrying YSR Reddy, two of his staff and two pilots went missing in pouring rain Wednesday morning over the Naxal and tiger-infested Nalamalla forests. Five bodies were been found at the site where Andhra Pradesh chief minister YSR Reddy chopper’s wreckage has been traced.

The government on Thursday confirmed that Nearly 24 hours after YSR’s chopper went missing, it was located atop Serai Salem hill, at a distance 40 nautical miles (70 kms) east of Kurnool.  The CM left Hyderabad on a six-seater Bell chopper at 8.35am for Chittoor accompanied by his secretary and chief security officer. After 9.27am, radio contact was lost with the helicopter.

Soon after the chopper lost contact, multiple agencies of the state launched a massive hunt for possible wreckage in the desolate terrain. By evening, it expanded into the country’s biggest-ever search operation with satellites in the sky joining remote sensing aircraft, fighter jets, unmanned aerial vehicles, troops on the ground and even barefoot deer-hunting tribals with bows and arrows.

TNN 3 September 2009,

Oath-taking ‘muhurtham’ blamed for CM’s travails
HYDERABAD/VIZAG: Has it got anything to do with bad muhurtham? Astrologers believe that Y S Rajasekhara Reddy is facing many hurdles in his second term as CM since his swearing-in was conducted at an inauspicious time.

“If one wishes to take up a particular work, one selects a perfect muhurtham. But the ‘muhurtham’ in which YSR took the oath was not favourable to him. It was fixed after the sunset at 6.32 pm,” astrologer Nittala Kameswara Bapurao said.

“In Jyotish Shastra, sun is the single most significant factor for administration, ruling and holding power. But his managers simply neglected the importance of sun and fixed the muhurtham in a weak lagnam — Scorpio,” he added. When he began his first term in 2004, YSR had taken the oath in the morning.

Rao said he and Swamy Swaroopa Nandendra had suggested a muhurtham after 12 noon. “That is a Leo lagna, which is a strong lagna for administration. But they changed their mind and fixed it after sunset on public demand,” he said. Sources said the CM’s campaign managers and political leaders had said they couldn’t bring the huge crowd in the morning or afternoon and hence insisted for an evening function.

Another astrologer, requesting anonymity, said there are different planets for different occasions. Pandits fix the marriage muhurtam in strong period of Venus because Venus is the significant contributor for marriages. “Likewise, Jupiter is strong for education. That’s why upanayana muhurtham is fixed in Jupiter period and Mars for wars,” he elaborated.

The astrologers also said because of the planetary movements, YSR’s problems in the second term have been surmounted.

TNN 3 September 2009,