//Welfare of Overseas Indians and promotion of legal migration

Welfare of Overseas Indians and promotion of legal migration

New Delhi: Mr. K. Mohandas, Secretary, Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) inaugurated the 2nd Annual Consultation Meeting with the State Governments here today. The two-day Consultation Meeting is aimed to discuss how the Ministry can partner with the State Governments to provide the required support in effectively addressing the problems of Overseas Indians. Addressing the state representatives, Mohandas said that a Nodal Department should be set up by all states for welfare of Overseas Indians and promotion of legal migration from the States. He said that state governments can play active role in implementation of various schemes and programmes of the Ministry.  He further said the skill up-gradation and pre-departure Orientation Training Programme for potential emigrants, creation of database of skilled manpower and facilitating their overseas employment, migration of students for study abroad and their registration and Know India Programme are the focus areas where the Ministry and State governments can work together for welfare of NRIs, PIOs and Overseas Indian Workers.

The Consultation Meeting serves as a platform to enable the State Governments to make suggestions recommendations to the Government of India in the matter of overseas Indians. The Meeting focuses on various Emigration and Diaspora related issues. This includes the following:

·         Creation of Nodal Department for welfare of Overseas Indians by all State Governments and promoting legal migration from the States.

·         Promotion of overseas employment opportunities by the State Governments.

·         Skill Up gradation and Pre-departure Orientation Training and creation of awareness to the potential emigrants by the States.

·         Action against unregistered Recruiting Agents (RAs) and Travel Agents by the State Governments.

·         Emigration Management Bill.

·          E-Governance Project.

·         Legal migration and preventing exploitation of women.

·         Migration of Students for study abroad and their Registration.

·          Programs/schemes operated by the States for the benefit of NRIs / PIOs.

·         Giving effect to benefits conferred on registered OCIs by   notifications issued by MHA, MOIA, UGC, AICTE, etc.

·          Problems relating to NRI Marriages and providing Legal Assistance to deserted wives.

·         Quick Redressal of property related grievances of NRIs.

An important Workshop on the theme ‘Prevention of illegal Migration: Drawing up an Action Plan’ would be organized on the second day of the Consultation Meeting. The Workshop would equip capacity building of all the Stakeholders involved in the process. The Consultation Meeting is being attended by senior officials from 16 State Governments and representatives of the Central Government Ministries including Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs and Ministry of Labour. The recommendations of the two day Consultation Meeting would serve as guidance to the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs and the State Governments for addressing the concerns of the overseas Indians, especially the Overseas Indian Workers.