//Indian Muslims welcome SC verdict on beard

Indian Muslims welcome SC verdict on beard

NMuhammad Salim, 16, the son of a vegetable vendor, grew a beard and was expelled from the missionary school. His case reached the Supreme court where the judgment held that it was the right of a minority institute to frame its rules and allow or disallow student to sport a beard.ew Delhi, September 13, 2009: Indian Muslims have welcomed the decision of the Supreme Court that has permitted a Muslim student Mohammad Salim to go back to the Nirmala Convent School in Bhopal from where he was thrown out for refusing to shave his beard. Delhi based journalist Shahbuddin Saquib said that this is a historical judgment of Supreme Court. All those people should learn from this verdict that raises the issue of beard and burqa time and again. I don’t know why these types of schools don’t think that beard is not a hindrance in the development of a student. A bearded man can do any thing like a shaved man. The other main thing is that it is related to religion and belief and so nobody has right to ask any Muslim to shave his beard.

Maulana Habibullah Hashmi, general secretary All India Tanzeemul Muslimeen said that after this verdict of Supreme Court if any body in future asks any Muslim to shave his beard he should be punished. “Why nobody asks a Sikh to cut his beard” asks he.Maulana said that the Muslims are also responsible for these types of problems. When the Nirmala Convent School had refused entry to Salim in the school a nationwide protest should have been organized. I don’t know why they kept silence on this religious issue.

Salim who lost a precious year of his school in legal wrangle said the order “needs to be reviewed afresh as the core issue of a Muslim’s right to sport a beard as guaranteed by Article 25 of the Constitution [right to practise and profess one’s religion] was violated by the school.”

Justice Singhvi asked senior counsel B.A. Khan, appearing for the petitioner, whether the student was dismissed solely for sporting a beard. When counsel said “yes,” Justice Singhvi said: “In that case, tomorrow they may say that no Sikh student can be admitted. Nowadays it has become fashionable for boys to sport earrings. Will it not be allowed? It is ridiculous.”

Justice Agrawal said, “They may refuse admission on the colour of the skin also.”

Mujahid Hussain a bearded executive working in a multinational company and earning a handsome salary said that how can you stop a student from coming to school because he has a beard? If a multinational company has no problem with a bearded employee then why the school has? If in future anybody raised the issue of beard all Muslim should jointly protest against it. We should learn from Sikh. They never compromise with their religious issue.

Earlier a bench consisting of Justices B.N. Agrawal and G.S. Singhvi stayed the dismissal order passed by the Nirmala Convent Higher Secondary School, a government-recognised minority institution, on an appeal by the student, Mohammad Salim.

By AN Shibli, Khaberain,