//Desperate prisoner's family ends up with Vastu Shastra

Desperate prisoner's family ends up with Vastu Shastra

BHIKHIWIND(Amritsar): Can Vastu Shastra help bring back Sarabjit Singh from Pakistan’s Kot Lakhpat jail? At least Andhra Pardesh based renowned Vastu consultant Sri Gouru  Tirupai Reddy thinks so. Reddy visited Sarabjit’s house at Bhikhiwind on Saturday suggested the corrective measures and implements them even if the whole house has to be reconstructed under the guidelines of Vastu Shastra.

He has already set the nation wide movement of fund collection for correcting the house faults so that  Sarabjit could return home.  Raddy while talking to media said that we had inspected the house of  Sarabjit and found major Vastu faults. “If these faults are removed, Sarabjit will surely return home safely, this is our opinion” said he.  The plot where Sarabjit’s house was constructed in not rectangular and its North East corner was cut off besides it had a toilet. West of the South West was at  extending position  and not accurate as it should have been at 90 degree . South West of the house was down and open . The main gate of the house was in South of South West and was wrongly placed said he. “These are some of the major Vastu faults and needs to be immediately corrected” said he.
The engineering accompanying Reddy would make the fresh house map and would also suggest the estimated cost. Dalbir Kaur, sister of Sarabjit Singh informed that after had seen a news on Sarabjit on TV channel and Reddy had offered her to undertake Vastu  Shastra’s corrective measures. “We are knocking at every door for the release of Sarabjit and will undertake the corrective measures suggested by Reddy, hopefully it also helps Sarabjit’s return” said she. However she said that since they don’t have enough fund t reconstruct the house as per Raddy’s recommendation so she urge government of Punjab to provide financial help.

RAVINDER SINGH ROBIN, Punjab News lIne, 22 August 2009