//National Meet on the status of Muslims in contemporary India

National Meet on the status of Muslims in contemporary India

OCTOBER 3-5, 2009

Anhad is organizing a National Meet on the Status of Muslims to document the continuing ways of discrimination, exclusion, persecution of Muslims in India today, to document overt as well as low intensity violence and the insecurity that they live with, and to prepare a charter of demands for the present government. We also plan to develop a strategy paper for voluntary organizations who are working for theminority rights. During the three day meet senior activists, academicians, grass root workers and victims would present and listen to testimonies and reports, and reflect on these conditions. Panel of distinguished jury members will come up with recommendations on the last day.

Admiral Ramdas, Ahmad Saeed Malihabadi,  Asghar Ali Engineer,  Colin Gonsalves,  Gagan Sethi,  Ghanshyam Shah,  Hanif Lakdawala,  Harsh Mander,  Justice Bhargava , Kavita Srivastava,  Mahesh Bhat,  Prashant Bhushan,  Ram Puniyani,  Rooprekha Verma,  Sandeep Pandey, Shahid Latif,  Tarun Tejpal,  Uma Chakravarty, Zafar Agha,  Zahid Ali Khan,
Zoya Hasan

Abu Zafar,  Ajit Sahi,  Amit Sengupta,  Apoorvanand,  Arshad Ajmal, Ashish Khaitan,  Avinash Kumar,  Azam Khan, Aziz Mubaraki, Baharul Islam,  Farah Naqvi ,  Harinder Baweja,  Hozzefa Ujjaini,  Iftikhar Gilani, Irfan engineer,   Jawed Naqvi, Jyoti Punwani, Manisha Sethi, Manoj Jha,  Mehmood bhai,  Minakshi Ganguly,  Mohd Azam Khan,  Mohd Shuaib,  Nagma Nadaf,  Naseem Ansari ,  Nihal Ahmad Ansari ,  Nishat Hussain,  Noorjahan,  Poornima Joshi, Rajendra Y J Clifton ( to be confirmed),  Rajiv Yadav,  Rashida Khan,  Sarwar Raza,  Shafeeq
Mahajir ,  Shahnawaz Alam,  Shesh Narain Singh,  Sohail Hashmi, Vidyadhar Gadgil ,  Vineet Tiwari,  Vrinda Grover,  Yogesh Diwan, Yusuf Shaikh ,  Zaheer Ali Khan,  Zakia Soman

Note 1.: Victims will also be deposing. Their names have not been included in the list

NOTE 2.: Apart from the speakers, panelists and victims who have been invited by Anhad for the Meet, we will not be able to arrange for any accomodation in Delhi  or travel for outstation participants. Those out station participants wanting to attend the Meet must arrange their own travel and stay and also must write to : [email protected]  to
register as there is limited space available. Delhi particpants are requested to inform us so that we can work out the logistics.

Note 3: The sessions will start at 9am and continue till 10pm on October 3 and 4th, 2009.

Note 4: All presentations will be 10-15 minutes and testimonies: 5-7 min only.


October 3, 2009, 9.00am- 4pm
Session 1
Persecution in the Name of Terrorism

October 3, 2009, 5pm- 10pm
Session 2
Social, Economic, Educational, Political Discrimination, and limited access to the impact of govt schemes

October 4, 2009, 9.00am- 4pm
Session 3

  • Faces of Discrimination
  • What it means to be a Muslim in today’s India
  • Hate campaigns
  • Appropriation of Muslim religious and cultural spaces
  • Negative Images in Media
  • Rise and infiltration of right wing organizations in the Indian Society
  • Discrimination against Muslims by law enforcement agencies both Police
  • and judiciary
  • Systematic Appropriation of the Waqf properties and Qabristans
  • Failures to Control organizations spreading hatred
  • Impunity and Failures to implement Enquiry reports and punish those
  • guilty of Communal Crimes
  • Ignoring the large scale terror links of the Sangh
  • Hate Campaigns around Cow slaughter
  • Politics of symbols and words
  • Emergence and role of new age gurus

October 4, 2009, 5pm-10pm
Session 4
Communal Violence and State Impunity

October 5, 2009
11am- 2pm
Panel: Working out the recommendations

3.30pm- Press Conference

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