//Prof. Iqbal Ansari, Human Rights scholar passed away

Prof. Iqbal Ansari, Human Rights scholar passed away

New Delhi: Defender of civil liberties and Human rights academic Prof. Iqbal Ansari died on Tuesday following a heart attack. He was the former Professor of English at Aligarh Muslim University. After his retirement from AMU,  he had devoted himself in scholarly articles on civil rights.

Prof. Ansari was a tireless defender of citizens’ rights and one of the most firm defenders of civil liberties in India. Throughout his life, he remained deeply committed to the cause of civil liberties and fearlessly took stands on various issues especially communalism and religious freedom. Prof. Ansari was a guiding spirit for APCR (Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR) and for the establishment of rule of law, civil rights’ protection and advancement of human rights in India. His untimely death is an irreparable loss for civil and human rights’ movements in India.

His work focused on communalism and religious freedom. Some of his publications are:

Human Rights In India : Some Issues, I.O.S., New Delhi, 1998.
Communal Riots, the State and Law In India, I.O.S., New Delhi, 1997.
Concept of Man In Comparative Perspective, I.O.S., New Delhi, 1997.
Readings On Minorities : Perspectives & Documents, Vols. I and II, I.O.S., New Delhi, 1996.
Muslim Situation In India, Sterling Publications, New Delhi, 1989.