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India Pakistan Relations

India PakistanThere is no exclusive blood group which divide us as Muslims and non-Muslims, Shias and Sunnies, Kashmiri and non-Kashmiri, Baloch or Sindhi, Aasamese and Bangalis, Tamils and Sinhalas, Dalits and non-Dalits, Marathi and Pahari. All of us are born of a Human Mother. Muslim saints, writers, actors, music maestros, leaders, ministers, and university vice-chancellors are celebrate icons in India. Once a young girl asked Dr. Abdul Kalam, “Are you a muslim, Indian, Tamil, scientist, or the President of India?” “ I am a human being and that covers all the others”, replied the sage scientist Kalam.

I have visited Pakistan on a few occasions and met many Feedom fighters in Kahsmir. Meeting many academics in Pakistan, I noticed that they sincerely feel frustrations “at Indian obduracy in Kashmir”. They fail to recognize historical weakness of religious-political paradigm. Killings of thousands of Bangali muslims notwithstanding, Badshah Abdul Ghafar Khan, the Frontier Gandhi had suffered 8 years imprisonment under the British but he spent his late 18 years inside Islamic Republic of Pakistan. His son Dr. Wali Khan also suffered long imprisonment in the Pakistani prisons. Thousands of followers of the Badshah Khan followed Mahatma Gandhi’s Quit India Movement (1942). Yet, Free India did not grant “Freedom Fighter” status to the brave Pakhtoons of the North West Frontier. At the time of partition the Frontier Gandhi cried “ India (Nehru) had abandoned us to the wolfs.” But the Badshah refused to be buried on the soil of Pakistan.

There is total absence of Marx and Gandhi in Muslim universities. I asked Prof. Hoodbhoy of Islamabad University, to hold a seminar on Philosophy of Gandhi. He expressed inability “it would be misconstrued here.”, he said. In a recent article (the Hindu/Dawn) Hoodbhoy wrote that if India wanted a rapprochement with Pakistan that “has nothing to do with feelings of friendship or goodwill, (but) it has to do with survival of India.” And that without peace in Kashmir the forces of cross-border jihad, and its hate-filled holy warriors, will continue to receive the state, and people’s support against India. “Indian soldiers (will) continue to needlessly die – and oppress and kill Kashmiri innocents.”wrote Prof. of Physics.

We must not ignore the fact that the Jihadis and Talibans were creation of the cold-war politics which had now backfired. During my visits to Kashmir, I saw openly burning of Indian flags, hoisting the Pakistani flags, and slogans “Hans-ke liya hai Pakistan, lad-ke lenge Hindustan.” All this was in front of Indian soldiers who did not open fire. Protecting a political- regional or religious (Kashmiri) identity of any one caste, region or religion in the 21st Century is an irrational political reasoning. Our future must not be kept hostage to our past. That we must not allow a few chauvinists to subvert the good intentioned millions in India and Pakistan. The Torch of Humanism left behind by Badshah Khan and Mahatma Gandhi havenow picked up by the Khans of 3 Idiots.

As we are the one people both side of the divides. Once near Islambad, I stopped by the road side to chat with truck drivers. They offered me tea and asked: “ Bhaijaan, eak saval punchu? Aap (Indians) hamse quen ladte hain? ( Dear brother, Why do you Indians fight with us).

“That is the question I want to ask you my Pakistani brethren. Why do you fight with us?” I retorted.

“Alright then, settle the matter: give us Madhuri Dikshit, and take Kashmir,…” All of us burst in laughter. But my Pakistani friends did not know that India is the only country in the world where the state had built segregated Haj Air Terminus for Muslims Only (sic. Whites Only). The women’s Human Rights campaigner, Ms. Asma Jahangir complained that Indian polity encourages (pampers) Muslim conservatism.

In order to become a Developed peoples, South Asian states must give up fighting for exclusive regional or religious identities. We must prepare a roadmap for Peaceful- Prosperous Democratic South Asian community based on traditional feeling of friendship and goodwill for all. The Khan Idiots have now picked up the Cross for which Gandhi was killed by a Marathi manus.

Dr.Dhirendra Sharma, Webnewswire.com, February 17, 2010