//Naushad Kashimji, Shahid Azmi, Who Next?

Naushad Kashimji, Shahid Azmi, Who Next?

The serioShahid Azmius situation which Muslim community, particularly the young Muslim generation is confronting in India, was projected years ago, by the communal forces and since then they also have started to implement their longstanding plan. The fire which was ignited during the freedom struggle of the country, after the freedom by sprinkling the oil of the partition, the fire was further intensified to such an extent that all the methods adopted by the Muslim’s to eliminate or minimize its heat went in vain.

The gibbet of the Partition of India:
I am recalling it, long ago in one of his articles, prominent journalist Kuldip Nayyar had written that the current Muslim generation of India is carrying the cross of the partition of the country on its shoulders. In fact, the fascist forces have presented the Indian Muslim, as the real culprit for the partition of Akhand Bharat (Greater India), before the common people of the country.

Hence, to get punishment for this so-called, it was held as the prerequisite of the Desh Bhakti (patriotism) to subject the Muslim community with every kind of oppressions and tyrannies. Those who have studied the ideologies of Hedgewar, Golwalkar and Savarkar are well familiar with the fact that the partition of India is only an alibi, for the hostilities and aggressions which is having with minorities, particularly with Muslim community. In case if the “incident” wouldn’t had occurred then also the conspiracy of turning the lives of Muslim into hell would have been obviously followed.

Moulana Azaad also an accused:
The Whole world knows the fact that how much efforts have been done by Moulana Abul Kalam Azaad to avoid the partition of India and to stop their migration from the country. However, the Sanghpariwar people have shrewdly brought him into the suspension.

I had the practical experience of it when I was being argued by the Sanghpariwar advocates before the Justice Jagannath Shetty commission, conducted for the enquiry of 93’s communal riots of Bhatkal. One of the Sanghpariwar’s shrewd advocates asked a question regarding the partition of India and the formation of Pakistan. At that juncture, I replied him that all those who had migrated from India were fools and we are being punished for their stupidity. “So, you want the Islamization of India by being in India itself, as Moulana Abul Kalam Azaad had planned to do so?’” was his abrupt question.

The same fascist is active here:
In fact, the same fascist trickery is working just like the Zionist trickery, its impression has been created in every part of the country that Muslims are the main enemy of India. So, it should be real mission of every patriot to eradicate them from the country. This is the reason for which everyday non-Muslims are incited to send the Muslim either to Pakistan or Qabrastan (graveyard). In this regard the latest demand that appeared from Amritsar, Punjab with the reference of Pravin Togadia that the Muslims should be kept away from service on every level so that they remain hungry and wouldn’t have any way out other than going to Pakistan.

Even after the half century:
If there is complete arrangements to have such poisonous propaganda on the national-level in one hand, while various personalities, parties and organizations have taken the task to fill the poison into the minds of common people. However, everyone is aware of the fact that, no matter whether, their names and the banners may be different still they all are same from inside.

Even after the sixty years of independence, despite the continuous efforts by the Muslim leadership and the community as whole, it can’t be asserted that the community has succeeded to remove the poison filled into the minds of non-Muslim, against them. Instead, it seems that due to the poisoning of the environment against Muslim with such absolute freedom and frankness, the situation is going out of control and day by day the new robust groups and outfits are joining this warfare against Muslim, who have succeeded to keep the law and the constitution of the country under their shoes and to strangle the Muslim at all the levels.

Newer blood �..Newer trend:
After enduring all the post-independence pains, since the last few decades, the Muslim youths are being succeeded to create a respectable place in the society. They have succeeded to prove their existence in the fields of business, education, and higher government posts and also have succeeded to convince their talents. Apart from the other fields, they choose the legal profession, their experience in the field and their interest in the problems of the community is depicting a new revolution.

It is at all impossible that the new trend of Muslim youth had not started to create uneasiness into the minds of the fascist forces of the country. And this was the reason for which the government agencies started to devastate the careers of the Muslim youth in the name of terrorism and to turn their lives, practically into a hell. In the name of the same so-called patriotism, these agencies started to adopt all the methods to deprive them of justice, and the conspiracies are not only being prepared to cut their roots, but these conspiracies are also being followed.

Tyranny over the tyranny:
In contrary to their obligation the non-Muslim lawyers have totally adopted the policy to boycott or avoid taking cases of Muslim youths who are strangled by the allegation of terrorism (the victims of state-sponsored terrorism). Later, gradually the environment has been created according to which taking the cases of these Muslim youths have started to amount to raise terrorism. And within a span of time, a time will also arrive, where the same protectors of the law and constitution will openly launch assaults on the lawyers taking the case of youth accused in terrorism.

In Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka, the residence and offices of the lawyers taking the cases of these terror-accused Muslim youths, were attacked and the attempts to threaten the lawyers have sped up. The tyranny is that the already psychologically frightened Muslim lawyers seem to be more terrified because of these attacks. The legs of those Muslim lawyers who, with the sympathy of their innocent community brothers were considering taking up the cases also have started trembling.

And those who didn’t convince:
Despite this open obvious terrorism, those who didn’t bow to their demands were planned to “eliminate”, by the agencies protecting the law and justice, with the help of Underworld Mafia. The incidents of assaults on the lawyers who decided to provide constitutional rights, further extended to fatal attacks on them. Those Muslim lawyers, who showed extraordinary courage and remain unmoved before the government agencies and the fascist forces, by brushing asides their threats, the series of eliminating these lawyer was started without any vacillations. The first victim of this elimination campaign was the young Muslim advocate and a courageous lawyer, Mr. Naushad kashimji, who had set-off himself to fight against the atrocities and injustice being meted out with Muslim youths of coastal Karnataka. Although, the police was suspected to be involved in his murder, the police succeeded to set free themselves by holding the underworld Mafia don Ravi Poojari responsible for the murder by arresting of some of his associates.

Now Shahid Azmi:
The second sequel of the series appeared in the form of the murder of Mumbai-based young Muslim advocate Shahid Azmi. The way in which Naushad Kashimji with complete planning was martyred in the compound of his own residence, the reports says that Shahid Aazmi also was martyred in the same way.

As the murder of Shahid Aazmi appeared in the TV screen, many scenes appeared into my
mind and the memories of my close friend Naushad Kashimji were once again freshened in my mind. His active personality, his legal experience, his affection with the profession, above all his efforts to this extent, to support the community and to eliminate their feelings of orphanage on the legal level appeared in my mind. These are the most unforgettable memories of my life.

On the other hand, the way in which, young advocate Shahid Aazmi, possessed impressive personality with courage and inteligence, which were enough for the kind hearted people to weep. Although, my meeting with the young advocate was not more than half an hour, his personality had impressed me so much that it has been an unforgettable part of my memory.

Shahid Azmi was aware of it:
Notwithstanding the negative effects of the worst conditions in which Shahid Azmi had spent early days of his life and the stages of troubles and difficulties in which he had faced, the positive outcome of this condition, was that taken the task of proving the innocence of the hundreds of accused like him. The more important point is that he was very well aware of the risks and the threats of his venture.

I had visited at his residence, situated at Kurla in Mumbai, in connection with an important case. During this meet, he provided me with the legal guidance and we had a mutual conversation about the complications and the seriousness of the case. While seeing me off, the last phrase which he had uttered was, -”Save your youths from being the victims of Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) and also pray for me”. His last phrase, which he had uttered with total self-confidence, I had felt the mild tremble in his voice. In this background, it can be said that just like Naushad Kashimji, he also had not only thought of his possible murder but was also somewhat convinced with his death. When the news of martyrdom of Shahid was released, his lasts sentence began hammering my head.

In this grievous situation, the question that arises as a moment of consideration, before the community is “what will happen ahead?” The legal front of the community already was somewhat life less. Furthermore, the new dreadful trend of the fascist forces is enough to discourage even the courageous people. Although, in some parts of the country, there are some state level forums of Muslim advocates, however, even if the young blood decided to do for the cause of the community, the groups of murderers tries to finish their existence from the world. It is yet not known that which advocate will be the victim to quench the thirst of these bloody brutish creatures. Now, the biggest question that arises is the fate of the innocent Muslim youths, who are under the prison and are being punished, for their undone crimes. It seems that the number of these innocent youths will increase. Now it is yet to be seen that who will come forward to free these youths, from this life which is no less than any hell, at the cost of his own life and that who will carry forward the mission of Naushad Kashimji and Shahid Azmi.

This article is written by Dr. Haneef Shabab in Urdu and translated by Muhammed Abuhuraira Akrami. Dr. Haneef Shabab is a senior Freelance Journalist, who is regularly writing Urdu columns for different websites and Newspapers. Courtesy : www.sahilonline.org