//Jaipur explosion: Victim relatives demanding reinvestigation

Jaipur explosion: Victim relatives demanding reinvestigation

Kotta: Rajasthan,  alt“my father is an innocent, he doesn’t done any crime he is a teacher, how a teacher can become a terrorist” Shaheen said. She is an eight year old daughter of Mr.Illyas, who has been lying in the prison last two and half years.

NCHRO Rajasthan chapter organized a seminar in Kota. The programme attended by the relatives of the victims, here Shaheen made a heart feeling speech in front of the audience. Number of victim relatives shares their painful reality up on the   police atrocities against to them and their relatives.


Jaipur explosion happened in 2008, young people from the minority community especially from Muslim community still lying under the police custody. They are facing continuous jail torture and other third partition methods in the name of bomb explosions. Among the custody victims majorities are from Kota region. Recent revelation on Bomb explosions in the country marking that RSS and its Sang network systematically organized this all respected attacks.

NCHRO organized a seminar in kota (Rajasthan) as parts of its organizational action plan to reinvestigate Bomb explosion since 1992. Police intentionally vindicating evidences through their pragmatic methods, as well as custody victims illegally charged upon under UAPA, as well as the victim relatives not getting chances to meet their family members inside the prison. The seminar demanded immediate release of the victims in war zone manner.