//RSS wanted to burn Ramdev's anti-corruption camp, trigger Gujarat riots like India

RSS wanted to burn Ramdev's anti-corruption camp, trigger Gujarat riots like India

By Md. Ali, TwoCircles.net,

New Delhi: In an absolutely shocking and disturbing revelation, a conspiracy has been alleged according to which the Rashtriya Swaysewak Sangh (RSS) had planned to burn Ramdev’s anti-corruption camp in Delhi at about 3 am on June 5, and trigger post-Godhra like riots across the country. It was only when the government got to know about this sinister conspiracy that it was forced to pre-empt and thwart the Saffron attempt of bloodshed across the country.


Talking to TwoCircles.net, Shabnam Hashmi, the senior social activist alleged, “I have got hundred percent confirmed news, that the RSS had done all the preparations to burn Ramdev’s anti-corruption camp in Delhi at about 3 am on 5th June. After that in the communally sensitive atmosphere their plan was to stage post-Godhra like riots across the country.”

Hashmi further said that it’s an open secret that “RSS wants to make whole India another Gujarat. Burning Ramdev’s anti-corruption camp would certainly have charged the communal atmosphere across the country which was precisely what the RSS wanted to manipulate to stage communal riots and bring about complete communal polarization of people of India.”

Anhad activists said that, “Had RSS been successful in its sinister plans the country would have seen the worst times in its history because the mother of saffron ideology had a well chalked out plans to stage communal riots post burning of Ramdev’s camp.”

She further demanded from the government to come clean on this, “It’s a very serious matter and the government of India which certainly knows about this failed RSS plan, needs to come out clean on this issue. It was only when they got to know about it that they evicted Ramdev at about 1:30 am, around few hours early from the RSS’ scheduled plan to burn the camp.”

Former VHP leader Sadhvi Ritambara also shared the stage with him


When asked about what are the evidences she has to substantiate this allegation, Hashmi said that, “We have been asked the same question few years back when we raised the issue of saffron terrorism and now the issue of saffron terror is out in public. I am not a fool who will put her 30 years of activism on stake by speaking thing which don’t have any base but I can’t reveal my source. It’s for the government to dig things further and take strong action against those who want to disturb and destroy the secular fabric of the country.”

Hashmi also raised the RSS conspiracy on two national news channels after which she was flooded with series of questions on the evidences she had to substantiate the allegations.

“Another serious issue at stake here is, in what direction India is going? Do we want to give our country into hands of Mullahs and Babas and Sadhus and turn it into another Pakisatn?” Hashmi questioned.

Shabnam Hashmi was also skeptical when it comes to raising the RSS conspiracy, ” It is highly likely that the mainstream media is going to sideline this issue,which if happens, would be unfortunate for the future of secular and democratic India.”