//NCHRO Condemn the killing of Shehla Msood

NCHRO Condemn the killing of Shehla Msood

21 Aug 2011

Once again in another unprecedented incident Shehla Masood, a well known RTI, civil and environmental right activist from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh was murdered by an unidentified person in Bhopal at 16th august 2011. NCHRO( National Confederation of Human Right Organizations) strongly condemn this gruesome murder of activist Shehla Masood and see it as a direct attack on the conscious of  this country .

Shehla Masood was in forefront of different governmental corruption exposure and was a dedicated soldier of protection of Panna Tiger Reserve and the Shyamri River, one of the cleanest in the country from Rio Tinto’s mining activity along with other activists. Because of her campaigns and activities which were directly hurting the interest of corrupt officials of MP government and interest of mining companies, especially Rio Tinto company of Britain; it has been known that her life was in danger. In spite of her concern about personal security she continued her work on saving the environment, the people who live in reserve area and the life-style of the indigenous people from the greed of corporate culture.

A country which claims to be the torch bearer of democratic values likes freedom of expression and rights of people; killing of Shehla Masood shows how hollow these promises are. Recent statistics shows that the only in last year ten RTI activists are murdered in this country because of their whistle blowing activities and in none of the cases corresponding government acted on its own. Nexus among profit mongering business corporations, corrupt politicians and officials today have reached in new high and mass of this country increasingly becoming the victim of these crony practices.

Once again NCHRO, unequivocally condemn this brutal murder and urge like minded people and organizations to raise their voices against these malicious elements and systematic ills that are up, to take away democratic rights of people of this country.

Mr. Himadri Shekhar Mistry, NCHRO Delhi Chapter President.