//An Appeal from the Death Row

An Appeal from the Death Row

By Perarivaalan

I am one of the accused in Rajiv Gandhi assasination case and my death sentence along with three others has been confirmed by the Supreme Court. I am making this representation with a heavy heart. I am facing death sentence, though I have not committed any offence. I still believe that ultimately Justice will prevail. I make the appeal, to you who values humanism and who is well versed with legal procedures. Also kindly permit me to share with you my inhuman, unbelievable torture experiences in police custody, the unlawful method of forcing me to sign a statement, my mental agony, lonely experience in prison and the nature of the case. I am confident that you will kindly go through this representation with sympathy and human love to understand the justice on my side. To me this is a step in my struggle towards the success of Justice in my case.

Background of my arrest: On 11th June, 1991 at 10.30 in the night, my parents handed over me to CBI Inspectors Mr.Gangadharan, Mr.Ramasamy and one more person at No. 50, E.V.K. Sampath Salai, Periyar Thidal, Egmore, Chennai in the presence of persons associated with Periyar Thidal. Already on 10.6.91 and 11.6.91 investigations were made in my native place” Jolarpet”, Vellore Dt., in the residences of supporters of Tamil – Eelam Liberation and Dravidar Kazhagam. At that time they also made enquiries in my house about me to which my parents responded by explaining that I was working and residing in the Computer Section in the office of ‘Viduthalai’ at Chennai Periyar Thidal. Also my parents brought the officials to Periyar Thidal to help enquiries.