//Manipur's blocade: Polarisation along ethnic, tribal and communal lines a recipe for disaster

Manipur's blocade: Polarisation along ethnic, tribal and communal lines a recipe for disaster

24 oct 2011

Stop Self-inflicting ‘Tribalism’ & Irresponsible Politics :: Part 1

– Reorganise and Create More Districts on Modern Administrative Principles

Dr N Somorendro Singh

Why a person or a group should live in fear, suspicion or hate others and pursue self-inflicting ‘tribalism’ and senseless politics in recent times in Manipur? Tribalism and pre-modern thoughts and practice which should have phased out with time are on full display even on the issues of creation of new districts.

In Manipur there has been a cocktail of tribalism, communal politics, sectarianism and power politics on the administrative decisions, in determining beneficiaries of Government schemes and in Government recruitment. Government jobs, Government funds and politics remain the primary means of social mobility and faster road to power in Manipur due to limited opportunities in other spheres.

Therefore centrality of politics and every issue is politicised in the State including creation of new districts. The overall impact has been common suffering, self-deception, imposition, irresponsible acts and mental stress with no way to get out of the mess.

Self-proclaimed champions of a tribe or community believe falsely and use tribal or communal identity as the only instrument for achieving their political demands. However it proves to be counter-productive and self-inflicting for the tribe or community for whom they want to achieve a district or a new political arrangement. Creation of new districts should have been resolved between Government and people of the concerned areas.

Yet in Manipur the demands and opposition have led to polarisation along communal or tribe lines beyond the areas of proposed districts. Both the demanding and opposing groups project themselves as victimised groups yet they behave in an irresponsible manner and adopt violent methods.
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