//“Anna’s Movement Or Ramdev’s, We Never Go Anywhere Uninvited"

“Anna’s Movement Or Ramdev’s, We Never Go Anywhere Uninvited"

4 11 2011

BJP president Nitin Gadkari on Anna Hazare, the party and the RSS.
Outlook Interviews Nitin Gadkari

Two months short of completing two years as president of the BJP, the rank outsider in national politics, Nitin Gadkari, for the first time has repositioned himself as a serious contender, also in the fray at the national level. No more satisfied just being BJP president, he will be contesting the Lok Sabha polls in 2014 from Nagpur. Gadkari’s announcement is not a one-off statement but serious RSS sanctioned politics. In his new avatar, Gadkari is not just flexing muscles but asserting himself more within the party and even setting the agenda for himself and the BJP. Here, Nitin Gadkari speaks to Prarthna Gahilote about the Anna Hazare movement, RSS and the BJP. Excerpts from the interview, a shorter version of which appeared in print:

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