//Our fight will continue: Shweta Bhatt

Our fight will continue: Shweta Bhatt

18 nov. 2011

by Smriti Kak Ramachandran

Shweta Bhatt, wife of suspended Gujarat IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt, is undaunted by what lies ahead in their fight against the State administration. Taking on the Narendra Modi government, she said the State people wanted “a change” and were not afraid to speak against the system.

“When my husband decided to speak out, we knew there will be consequences; there were and we faced them. And we know it is not going to end soon,” she told The Hindu on Wednesday. Ms. Bhatt, who was in the Capital to attend a convention organised by the All India Democratic Women’s Association, said though there was pressure on the family, covertly and otherwise, the thought of giving up did not arise. “I am very proud of my husband, he is a very brave man; my children are brave children of a brave father and I am completely with my husband.”

“We have been troubled in various ways: first he [Sanjiv Bhatt] was hounded, then the family was demoralised and old cases were dug out, but we are prepared to fight. We are getting a lot of support from people, a lot of young people are coming out to join us and that strengthens our resolve to fight against the injustice in Gujarat.”

She dismissed the claims of the Modi government that it has been able to usher in development in the State. “What is happening in Gujarat [in terms of development] is also happening in Kanpur and Bhopal. The money for the flyovers is coming from the Centre. What has the Modi government done? What is happening in Gujarat is not progress. Funds for judicial and police service are being subverted and Mr. Modi is using his office for carrying out his agenda.”

The Hindu
NEW DELHI, November 17, 2011