//Human rights body promises justice to ' doubtful ' voters

Human rights body promises justice to ' doubtful ' voters

NATIONAL Confederation ofHuman Rights Organisation (NCHRO), which opened its chapter in Assam on Sunday, expressed grief over the “plight of the minority communities in the state” and vowed to work towards ensuring human rights to every citizen. “It’s a shame that in spite of having the valid documents to prove one’s identity and citizenship how people are categorised as ‘doubtful’ voters. I have never heard such concept anywhere in the country,” said Reny Ayline, national coordinator of NCHRO.


He further said the need of working together to ensure the human rights to the citizens of the country, especially of the minorities and dalits. “We have seen in many areas of the country that people belonging to Muslim,Christian and Dalit community are being deprived of their basic rights to lead a life an independent country. When you cannot avail the facilities your constitution has offered you how one can say that we live in a democratic country,” he added. Moreover, he termed such practices as “state-sponsored terrorism” to oppress the lower section of people in the society. “All the human rights’ activists have to work towards this goal of ensuring basic human rights to this section of the society,” Ayline said. With the Assam chapter of the umbrella organisation of the human rights activists groups, NCHRO has promised to pressurise the government authorities to solve the ‘D’ voters issue as early as possible. “We would highlight the issue seriously at the national level and try to bring a solution as early as possible. It cannot continue to happen and torture the citizens without any reason,” he further said.Mohammad Yousuf, the general secretary of Tamilnadu and Puducherry chapter, who was also a part of the seminar where the Assam chapter was set up, said that in their part of the country NCHRO has been able to provide justice to several families who have lost their relatives to ‘state sponsored terrorism’.

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