//Prof. NagariBabaiya elected as New President of NCHRO

Prof. NagariBabaiya elected as New President of NCHRO


The Biannual General Assembly of National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations (NCHRO) was held atMehboobHussainJiger Hall – Siasat, ABIDS inHyderabad here on Sunday (1.4.2012).

RenyAyline (National Coordinator, NCHRO) welcomed the delegates gathered from different states. Prof NagariBabaiya chaired the meeting. Adv. K.P. Mohamed Shareef (General Secretary) presented the biannual report. The discussion in various topics was held followed by the report, in which the delegates actively participated.

Then, the following activists have elected as the new office bearers and National Executive committee members for next two years (2012 – 2014) by the General Assembly.

Newly Elected Office Bearers

  1. Prof Nagai BaabayyaBangaluru – Chairperson
  2. Dr. John Dayal New Delhi – Vice Chairperson
  3. Ad  KP MuhammedShareef – Vice Chairperson
  4. Prof P Koya – General Secretary
  5. Adv. A Mohamed Yusuff Madurai – Secretary
  6. RenyAylineThiruvanathpuram –Secretary
  7. Prof. Shamsul Islam, Delhi University – Treasurer

National Executive Members

  1. Prof. N. Ramesh, Bangaluru
  2. Gowri Lankesh, Bangaluru
  3. NarendraMohanty, Bubhaneswar
  4. P Ahmed Shareef, Calicut
  5. Ponniah Chandran, Coimbatore
  6. AK Akodia, Jaipur
  7. Ko. Sugumaran, Puducherry
  8. Prof. A Marx, Chennai
  9. KuttyRevathi, Chennai
  10. SreenivasaRao, Hyderabad
  11. Adv.Jagadeesh, Bangalore
  12. Adv.Thangasamy,Tirunalveli
  13. Adv.Karthik,Hyderabad
  14. Mohamed Kakinje, Mangalore

Special Invitees

  1. Dr. A. Bashar,  Guwahati
  2. Mohamed Tanveer, New Delhi
  3. Dr. Shakeel Ahmed, Hyderabad
  4. D. Suresh Kumar, Hyderabad
  5. AshimRoy, Ahmedabad

The General Assembly was concluded with the vote of thanks of newly elected General Secretary Prof. P. Koya. The following resolutions were adopted in the General Assembly. (Copy of Resolutions enclosed)

Seminar on Development, Displacement and Human Rights

Followed by the General Assembly, in the afternoon, the seminar on Development, Displacement and Human Rights was conducted in the same hall. Zahid Ali Khan (Editor, Siasat Daily) inaugurated the seminar. D. Suresh Kumar (Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee – APCLC), Adv. KarthikNavayan (Human Rights Forum – HRF, AP), Prof. Ramesh Nagargera (People’s Democratic Forum – PDF, Karnataka), Muhammad Arif Ahmed (President, Popular Front of India, AP), Prof. A. Marx (People’s Union for Human Rights – PUHR,  Chennai), Adv. Jaya Vindhyala (People’s Union for Civil Liberties – PUCL, AP), Prof. P. Koya (Editor, Thejas Daily, Kerala & General Secretary, NCHRO), RenyAyline (Secretary, NCHRO) addressed in the seminar.


Resolution 1

Withdraw all Anti-people Laws:

The Biannual General Assembly of NCHRO being held in Hyderabad on 1st April 2012 calls up on the Central and state governments to repeal draconian anti-people laws like AFSPA, UAPA, and different security acts in force in states as they are against of the principles of democratic polity and allow the security forces to trample upon the civil and democratic rights of the people. We also call upon the Home Ministry to withdraw the proposal to establish NCTC which will become a power center by itself. There are many cases of police killings, rapes, and maiming and incarceration of people without trial in Jammu and Kashmir, West Bengal, Manipur and North-Eastern states under these security laws. UAPA is used to jail people fighting dispossession and deprivation in the name of development.We also use this opportunity to express solidarity with MsIromSharmila who has been fighting for the withdrawal of AFSPA in Manipur.

Resolution 2

Protest the Police Pressure Tactics:

The Biannual General Assembly of NCHRO held in Hyderabad on 1st April 2012 strongly protests the pressure tactics used by the Hyderabad Police to prevent the general assembly and the seminar from being held in the city. Instead of coming out and telling the reasons for their opposition, the police threatened and arm twisted the HASSS management and made them prevent our use of the auditorium. This is for the first time the NCHRO is put under such pressure and we strongly call up on the state government to initiate action against the delinquent police officers.

Resolution 3

Frame Rules under Human Rights Act 1993:

The Biannual General Assembly of NCHRO held in Hyderabad on 1st April 2012 calls upon the central and state governments to frame rules under Human Rights Act 1993. Even though the act came into force in 1994 the Central Government has been extremely reluctant to frame necessary rules under the Act making it practically useless in protecting the civil and human rights of the people. No victim of rights violations has been able to resort to remedial legal measures in the absences of necessary rules. This negligence is a sign of the lackadaisical approach of the government is giving to human rights acts in the country.

Resolution 4

Solidarity with people of Koodankulam:

The Biannual General Assembly of NCHRO held in Hyderabad on 1st April 2012 expresses solidarity with the people of Koodankulam who have been fighting a losing battle against the nuclear reactor complex which is going to destroy their habitat and deprive them of the traditional employment. Nuclear reactors have been found to be extremely dangerous and only an administration with reckless disregard for people’s life and limbs would go for nuclear power generation. We strongly condemn the police atrocities in the area and call upon the Tamilnadu government to immediately withdraw the cases against the 197 people jailed for leading the agitation under even sedition laws.