//NCHRO Biannual Report 2008 – 2012 March

NCHRO Biannual Report 2008 – 2012 March

National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations

Biannual Report 2008 – 2012 March

On June 26 , 2008 CHRO, until then a rights body working only in Kerala ,became NCHRO. The new office bearers were Justice Hosbet Suresh(President), K.P. Muhammad Shareef (General Secretary), Dr. John Dayal( Vice President), Prof. Nagari Babayya( Vice President), Dr Shams-ul-Islam (Vice President), Dr. Abraham Mathai( Vice President) Reny Ayline( National Coordinator), Ms Gauri Lankesh (Secretary) and Justice Co Chenna Basappa( Treasurer.)

The exco members were Prof. Ramesh (Karnataka) Parvez Bari (Bhopal) E.M Abdurahiman (Kerala) Dr.Mehaboob Sharif (Karnataka), Adv. Suresh (A.P), Latheef Muhammad Khan (Hyderabad) Prof. Arshi Khan (Aligarh),Pattabirama Somayaji (Karnataka),K.M Shareef Karnataka)Adv. Sundar Raja (Tamilnadu),A.M.M. Shafi (Karnataka),M.A Khalid, Mumbai),T. Sukumaran (Pondichery),A Vasu (Kerala) 





The chapter conducted two workshops and public discussions on April 15 and 20 2008 about the narco- analysis and video- conferencing.

Torture Prevention Centre an NGO at Kochi selected 25 NCHRO members and gave them training for human rights defence.

The chapter supported the Chengara land struggle. NCHRO President A Vasu and Gen. Sec. Iqramul Haq courted arrest when they were prevented by the police from reaching the area.

On December 10, 2008 (International Human Rights Day) conducted a seminar at Malappuram. Mukundan C Menon Award for 2008 was given to Chengara struggle leader Laaha Gopalan the same day. The chapter also published a handbook on human rights.


On 13 March 2009 Dr. M S Jaya Prakash (President), KH Nazar (Gen. Sec) Reny Ayline, P Ahmed Shareef (Vice Presidents) K Prasanna Kumar, K P O Rahmathulla (Secretaries) A Ibrahim Kutty (Treasurer) were elected as new office bearers

NCHRO conducted fact- finding on the police firing at Beemapalli Thiruvananthapuram.On 17th May 2009 six Muslims had been killed by the police with out any justifica
tion. A Vasu, Prof. A Marx, Pondicherry Sukumaran, Reny Ayline, Dr M S Jaya Praskash, Ahmed Shareef, Maglin Peter and Ibrahim Kutty were the members of the team. The report was sent to the authorities and released on June 26.

NCHRO also participated in the facts finding team about police torture of DHRM- Dalit Human Rights Movement in connection with the murder of Siva Prasad on September 23 at Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram. The chapter also rendered legal help to the accused.

Mukundan C Menon Award for the year 2009 was given to eco activist C R Neelakandan. Conducted a seminar on Media and Human Rights at Calicut in which Karnataka human rights activist Pattabhi Somayaji, O Abdullah, N P Chekkutty, Rajeev Shankaran participated..

Police atrocities in Palakkad Panthirippala, suspicious death of a teenage girl in Nilambur Pothukallu and political clashes in Nadapuram – Kallachi were some other issues in which the chapter was involved. NCHRO team visited and conducted fact- finding and published the report about the CPM-Muslim League clashes in Nadapuram area.


20 July. When a college teacher was attacked in Muvattupuzha, Ernakulam Dist on alleged blasphemous remarks about Prophet Muhammad the police detained many Muslim youths illegally and tortured them. NCHRO Ernakulam Dist. President Adv. NM Siddiq filed a complaint before NHRC. Vengeful police cooked up a case against him and NCHRO activist P I Abdul Salam and arrested them .For more than 50 days they were in jail. In front of Thiruvananthapuram Govt. Secretariat NCHRO conducted a protest programme about the arrest.

Conducted AFSPA and UAPA seminars at Kozhikode and Ernakulam respectively on 5 and 11 Oct. Prof. A Marx and Boby Kunju were among the speakers

June 26 Anti Torture Day. Conducted a public programme at Kozhikode for Bhopal victims.

Dec. 10 International HR Day: Conducted seminar at Ernakulam Friday Club Hall. Dr. Sebasitian Paul was the chief guest. Mukundan C Menon Award was given to Adv. N M Siddiq.


June 26 Anti Torture Day. Chapter elected new office bearers. Kunnathoor Radhakrishnan(President ) Reny Ayline and KPO Rahmathulla (vice presidents ) C A HAris (Gen. Secretary), Adv. NM Siddiq and Shabna Ziyad ( Secretaries) M A Shanavaz (Treasurer). Also organized a documentary film fest, which was inaugurated by director KP Shashi. Redefining Peace and Mullaitheevu Saga were shown there.

Oct.18 and 19 conducted anti death penalty seminar at Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram. Arpputham Ammal, the mother of Perarivalan who was sentenced to death in Rajiv Gandhi Murder Case was the main speaker. BRP Bhaskar and Dr, J Devika also participated the programme.

Dec. 10 International HR day. A seminar on the politics of encounter killings was organized. Mukundan C Menon Award was given to anti Endosulfan movement leader Leela Kumari Amma. Gopinatha Pillai, father of Javed Shaikh (who was among the four killed in Ahmedabad in 2004 by the police in a fake encounter) was the chief guest

In March NCHRO opened an office at Nadapuram for legal awareness programmes .

March 15. Ernakulam Vaippin. When a Dalit teacher Bindu became the torture victim of PTA president NCHRO conducted fact-finding and sent report to the police.

April 19. NCHRO members visited Vilappilshala and supported the struggle against municipal garbage dumping.

May 12. The chapter members visited Koodamkulam and supported to the movement against nuclear plant.

May 15 NCHRO representatives actively participated in various programmes of Dalit Human Rights Movement

NCHRO conducted for a campaign for the release of Binayak Sen and condemned Kerala Government’s email tapping of mostly Muslims.


The chapter was formed on 11 Feb. 2011

RK Akodia (President), Anees (Secretary)

Conducted a seminar on Jaipur bomb blast case. Adv. Mobin Akthar, Adv. Jameel Ahmd participated the semi

NCHRO team visited Gopalgad where many Muslims were shot dead by the police


Prof. Ramesh (President) Suresh Bhatt and Israth Nishar (Vice presidents) Ashraf Angaady (Secratary)

April 9, 2011: conducted a HR seminar and formally launched Karnataka chapter at B’lore.

June 26: conducted seminar on Anti Torture Day at Mysore

July 7: conducted HR awareness programme at Mangalore.

Tamil Nadu

2008 – 2009. Four Torture Day Seminars.

2009 – 2011. Three Human Rights Day Seminars. A seminar on Encounter Killings & Equal Rights for All. State-wide poster campaign was conducted on the eve of Anti – Torture Day and International Human Rights Day. Many other poster campaigns against rights violations.

The chapter spearheaded the court case for the justice to custodial death of Kadayanallur Masood for the past 4 years. The state govt was forced to give Rs. 8.52 lakh to the family of the victim as per the order of Hon’ble Madurai Bench of Madras High Court.A criminal case u/s 302 IPC against 11 police officers is being heard at Tirunelveli Sessions Court.


Two more custodial torture cases filed by NCHRO against Madurai and Chennai Police are pending before State Human Rights Commission.


Three fact- finding teams were organized by the chapter.


Fact finding enquiry on 22 March 2011 on the issue of cow- head thrown by some miscreants in the RSS office at Madurai. The report was released the report in the press conference at Madurai on 23 March 2011 and demanded CBCID inquiry. The State Govt ordered enquiry on 10 Apr 2011.

Also conducted fact finding on the stampede of the people who protested against frequent power cut at Rajakiri in Tanjore district.

Organised a joint fact finding mission with other human rights bodies on 19 and 20, Sep 2011 on the issue of 6 Dalits killed in police firing at Paramakkudi at Ramnathpuram District and demanded CBI Inquiry. We released the report in the press conference at Madurai on 21 Sep 2011.Also printed that report and released the same on the Human Rights Day Seminar at Kadayanallur and distributed them free of cost before the courts. CBI Inquiry was also ordered by Hon’ble Madurai Bench of Madras High Court.

Apart from this, the chapter participated in about 5 fact finding inquiries last year organised by other assns in various issues.


Extended solidarity with the Anti-Nuclear Movement at Koodankulam and participated in many programmes including the conference at Kanyakumari on 29 Dec 2011, which was attended by more than 10,000 people.



NCHRO Delhi chapter launched in February 2011.Himadri Shekhar Mistry is the president. A five-member exco was also formed.

Through press statements the chapter condemned the killing of Shehla Msood Bhopal, criticized Sanghi attacks on writer -activist Arundhati Roy and deplored the police brutalities against the poor people protesting in Noida. Also participated various HR programmes at Jantar Mandir.

National Committee hosted two programmes at Delhi Constitution Club.One was a national convention against anti- people laws on Nov 13, 2010. Manisha Sethi, Dr John Dayal, Karthik Navayan, Narendra Mohanthy, Adv. Markose and H Singh participated. The other was a seminar on Assam’s Doubtful Voters on March 13, 2012 Dr .A Bashar, Adv.Aminul Islam, Adv. Manwr Hussain Jahangir MLA, Sheik H A Ahamed,Prof. P Koya, Reny Ayline participated.


On Feb 18 NCHRO was launched in Assam organised a discussion on the doubtful voters at Guwahati in which Ad Muhammad Yusuf and Reny Ayline represented the Confederation.


(Submitted by Adv. K.P. Muhammad Shareef (General Secretary) before the General Assembly of the Confederation on 1st April 2012 at Hyderabad)