//Joint March towards Israeli Embassy condemning the killing of innocent Palestinians in Gaza

Joint March towards Israeli Embassy condemning the killing of innocent Palestinians in Gaza

Protesters holding placards while demonstrating opp Israel Embassy in New Delhi condemn the civilian killing in Gaza New Delhi: As a mark of condemning the act of dastardly attacks unleashed by Israel on the beleaguered civilians in Palestine,  human rights, civil rights and student activists from various organization viz., National Confederation of Human Rights organizations (NCHRO), Popular Front of India, AISA, JNU Students Union, Campus Front of India, AIPWA, AICCTU, Disha, LDTF and various other organizations organized a massive rally towards Israeli Embassy here  today  on 19.11.2012 at New Delhi.

The protest rally begun from the Aurangazeb Road – Janpat Road circle and marched till the Israeli Embassy.

The protestors raised slogans against the bombing and killing of innocent civilians.

During  Protest  placards were shown which  demands  “STOP ATTACK ON GAZA”, “Resist US backed Israeli attacks on Gaza”, and “Hands OFF GAZA”.



While addressing the media persons, Adv A.Mohamed Yusuff, National Secretary of NCHRO told that “Israel is the cancer of the world which is time to time sucking the blood of innocents for many decades. The recent bombing on Gaza civilians is an act of terror which it has to stop immediately and we demand the intervention of UNO as well as our Indian Government to stop killings by Israel”.


Sadiq Quraishi PRO of Popular Front of India said that “It is evident that the rightist apartheid government of Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to impose, through massacre and rampant destruction, an inhuman Pax Judaica in the region based an extreme racial prejudice and ethnic cleansing unprecedented in the history of the Middle East. It is shocking and highly deplorable that the US has justified the killings, which are against all international laws. It is time to call Israeli bluff and haul the leaders of the country to the International Criminal Court for committing crimes against humanity. It is also important that the UN seize of this opportunity to bring Israel to sense and intervene to stop the killing and destruction”.

CA.Raoof National General Secretary of Campus Front of India urged that “We call up on the international community especially the Arab leaders to come forward and extend support to the Palestinians by all means to resist the Zionist entity through this protest march”.

JNU students Union President Lenin told that “This massive demonstration is just a start. If the killing of innocent Palestinians did not stop, the students from Kashmir to Kanyakumari will join the agitation”.

Slogans: From the left Md Tanveer (Delhi co-ordinator- NCHRO), CA Raoof (National Gen Sec- Campus Front), Adv A.MD Yusuff (National Sec-NCHRO),Sadiq Quraishi (PRO- Popular Front of India) and Ansar Indori (Rajasthan co-ordinator- NCHRO).

Prof Kamal Mitr Chinoy of JNU “We hereby make it strong that this march will not stop. It will continue till Israel stops it attack on innocent Palestinians”.

The protestors demand the Indian Government should snap all ties with Israel. And also express the support and solidarity with the people of Palestine in their valiant struggle for the protection of their national rights and the establishment of a sovereign state in Palestine through this demonstration.