//Campaign against BLACK LAW and UAPA held in GOA

Campaign against BLACK LAW and UAPA held in GOA

Campaign against BLACK LAW and UAPA held on 29th April 2013 in GOA .Program was organised by NCHRO.


Vice-Chairman of National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations (NCHRO) Adv. K.P. Mohammed Shareef and coordinator of NCHRO Adv. Saifan Shaikh was in Goa to speak about UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act).
Speaking to the gathering of Advocates, Doctors, Engineers, Professors and other Activists from Goa, Adv. Shareef said that Article 13 of the Constitution says: “No Law against Fundamental Right should be formed or implemented” . But new Laws,  like the UAPA, are being made defeating the very purpose for which our Constitution stands for. Under UAPA, just a doubt of an unlawful activity is enough for a Police Inspector to arrest a person without any permission or warrant from the court.

He further said that ‘many times Laws are implemented to suppress our own people, may it be TADA, POTA or the recent one UAPA. These Laws are made to safeguard the Upper Class, Super rich Industrialist, Business Lobby and the Imperialist Powers and to also suppress the Minorities, Adivasis, Dalits etc. He further added that Citizens have to be vigilant and defeat such Laws from been formed and get them repealed by agitating against it democratically.


Apart from this, there are various other issues confronting the common men regarding human rights. We have to work hard to give Justice to all citizens of India irrespective of their caste or financial background.

This talk which was held on Monday evening at CD Blue Chip Hall, Pajifond, Margao-Goa was attended by various activist from all over Goa, who were very concerned about all the ills happening in the Society and how false cases are being filed against persons not toying the line of those in power.


Dr. Zakir Ali Ansari spoke about the ‘Drocanian Laws’ & wanted to know how to get them repealed. Mr. Anthony D’silva Spoke on Article 141 and how Law enforcing Authorities are misusing it. Mr. Ramnath Naik speaking on the occasion said that “I once challenged C.M. Monohar Parrikar to apply POTA against me which he dared not and told the gathering that the social structure in Goa is different than rest of India.


All the people present spoke their hearts out and advocated a need for  formation of NCHRO Chapter in Goa which was unanimously agreed by all. It was decided to form an ad-hoc committee for Goa under the Leadership of Mr. Joseph L. R. Vaz as President. Other Executive Committee members are as follows:

1) Mr. Abdul Matin Carol -Vice President,

2)Prof. Joane Rebello- 2nd Vice President,

3)Mr. Ronny Dias – General Secretary,

4)Mr. Sayed Iftiyaz – Jt. Secretary

5)Mr. Ramnath Naik -Treasurer,

Executive Member

1) Dr. Zakir Ali Ansari,

2) Mr. Abdul Wahab,

3) Mr. Cliffton Desouza,

4) Mr. Sayed Abdul Aziz,

5) Mr. Seby Rodrigues,

6) Mr. Shaikh Abdul Rauf,

7) Mr. Zia Rikarty,

8) Mr. Zabir Ahmed,

9) Mr. Shaikh Mohammed,

10) Mr. Anthony D’Silva

11)  Mr. Mohammed Imran as members.

Further Program of Meeting of 26th Jun 2013 International torture of victim day, held on 11th may 2013

It was decided to meet again on 11th May, 2013 to plan for further course of action and invite more people to join the National Confederation of Human Rights organisations  to work unitedly for Justice.


The talk end with Mr. Sayed Iftiyaz proposing the vote of thanks.