//Bodh Gaya attack – Modi's revenge in Bihar ?

Bodh Gaya attack – Modi's revenge in Bihar ?

Narendra Modi: the real time avenger and his revenge, Bodh Gaya attack

by Mustafa Khan

7 july 2013

Saturday July 6th 2013: Narendra Modi in his dark ominous threat thathe would teach a lesson to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar forbreaking the alliance with Hindu party BJP coincided with Modi’shandpicked Amit Shah’s visit to Ayodhya. The very next day nine bombswent off at Bodh Gaya site of Buddhism’s holiest shrine. This realtime avenging of what Modi perceived as betrayal by Nitish Kumarshould not surprise anyone unless he is a pretender or very credulous.


It is Modi’s heart of darkness that is fore grounded again. He had
told the police and administrative officers of his state in the late
night meeting of February 27, 2002 that he wanted the Hindus to take
revenge for the fire on the Sabarmati Express train early that day.
The police should not take action. From the next day there was a shut
down all over the state and he had joined it. He extracted full
revenge for three days. He also took revenge upon Ahsan Jafri for
opposing him in the election he fought early that month whose result
gave him victory only a couple of days before the fire incident. His
home minister Haren Pandya had refused to vacate his Ellisbrigde
constituency so he had to fight from Jamnager area. He refused to give
ticket to Pandya in the following election. When Pandya disclosed his
ominous instructions to the police to the people’s tribunal judges he
avenged it within months of winning the assembly elections of December

Even more ominous is that Modi dares to teach lessons to minorities at
will and no one can stop him. Even his mentors Advani and Vajpayee
failed. The basic source of his hate ideology of the Hindutva precedes
Jan Sangh and BJP. Now that Muslims of Gujarat and elsewhere in India
have learnt some lesson what about the Buddhists?

Kishwar Jagtap of Bharat Bachao Andolan accused Modi of provoking
riots between Muslims and Buddhists over Bodh Gaya terrorist attack.
He also said that on August 9 they would organize along with other
organizations Bharat Chodo Andolan or Quit India movement in which
they would protest against the Rashtraiya Swayamsevak Sangh
headquarters at Nagpur and demand the RSS to leave India. There is a
string of organizations joining the move; Bodh Bachao Andolan, Marathi
Bharti Sanghatna, Vahini Phule Ambedkar Vichar Manch, Yuva Sarkar,
Muslim Panther and Chiranjeeve. These groups also resent how the
Brahamins have appropriated the Maha Vihar temple. 1

The arrest of Vindo Mistry along with the monk robe and letter in Urdu
he had is the earliest sign that it was Nanded and Malegaon replayed
with the target changed, from Muslims to Buddhists. This would mean
that those who targeted the temple in Gaya were from the Hindutva
group. 2

Their motivation is very clear. They wanted to ignite the Buddhists’
ire over the incident so that they engage in confrontation with the
Muslims. Right from day one the security agencies have blamed the
Indian Mujahideen but without any proof. The clearest hint of the
Hindutva strategy comes from the editorial of Saamna dated July 9,
2013. It described the central government as “namard sarkar” or
impotent government. And the attack was on the impotent government
rather than the monks. Namard sarkar war halla. It also leaves no one
in doubt as to the reason why Modi wanted to teach a lesson to Nitish
Kumar. It shows the evil full nature of Modi. Jawad cha mitr jeonwha
dushman banto tehowha teyache wair hey sagdeyat bheyankar asto.
“When the intimate friend turns enemy then his enmity is the most
dangerous.” The threat of Modi is the proof. The Hindutva ideology of
the Saamna is unmistakably there: inducement to violence. Bodhgayet
sphot ghadwun musalmani atirekyani bodhyanchi mathi bhadkwanyachey
kaam keley aahe.”By exploding bombs in Bodh Gaya the Muslim extremists
have tried to inflame the minds of the Buddhists.” And then the core
of Hindutva article of faith that violence is and must be used to
tackle the Muslims. Khare ter ya deshat aahinsey cha kewnha mudla
padla aahey. “In this country in fact the dead body of violence has
long been buried.” The logical conclusion is that violence should be
revived. In the present case the Buddhists must kill Muslims. This
strategy of the Hindutva did not work in practice as it did in Gujarat
2002 because it was well prepared in advance. Bihar has had no chance
for the Hindutva to mount such a concerted attack on Muslims even in
the Newtonian law as understood by Modi.

Bodh Gaya attack is a clear instance in the strategic study of the
Hindutva tactics in instigating violence.