//NCHRO EXCO MEET – BANGALURU – ResolutionsOct 27, 2013

NCHRO EXCO MEET – BANGALURU – ResolutionsOct 27, 2013

16 november 2013

Concern at the riots in Muzaffar Nagar

1.NCHRO notes with concern the recent communal carnage in Muzaffar Nagar and surrounding

areas in western UP. It is reported by several reputed human rights groups that there were political

motives behind the outbreak of riots in which hundreds of people were killed and thousands

injured or displaced.The victims mostly belonged to Muslim community. NCHRO calls upon the

central and state governments to probe into the causes and consequences of the riots and take

severe action against all the culprits responsible for the violence and those who led the hate

campaigns. The situation in Muzaffar Nagar and nearby districts continues to be traumatic. Though

the official estimate of the internally displaced are not known, thousands of terrified and desperate

people are living in poorly maintained relief camps organised by local communities without any state

support. Many others have reportedly sought asylum in private residences of friends and relatives

and in madrasas. Majority of those displaced are poor Muslims. The sanitary conditions in the

camps are very poor which should be immediately improved. Adequate medical and psychological

care should be provided immediately especially to the pregnant and breast feeding women and

children. The state govt should also take necessary steps to rehabilitate the victims in their own

places with full security and due compensation.

Call to unite against hate politics

2. With an eye in the ensuing parliamentary election the right wing Hindutva forces are active once

again in their hate politics. We extend a call to all the right minded people, intellectuals, secular and

democratic political parties to condemn the anti-national divisive politics of the Hindutva parties.

It is high time that the Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill is placed before the

Parliament in the next session itself with necessary safeguards against the misuse by the authorities

at local level as suggested by various human rights groups and other sections of the society.

Welcomes the letter of the MHA

3. NCHRO welcomes the letter written by the Union Home Minister to all chief ministers of the

states to make sure that innocent Muslim youths are not targeted whenever any terrorist attacks

take place. It is now a commonplace that many Muslim youths are in jail for crimes not committed

by them.As a matter of fact eminent jurists and intellectuals like the former Supreme Court Justice

Markandeya Kaatju had brought to the notice of the public the dangers of such targeting. CPM

secretary Mr. Prakash Karat had sought the attention of the President of India to this issue. NCHRO

demands that adequate compensation is to be paid to those youths who are acquitted and released

after long periods of incarceration. The compensation should include government jobs to the

acquitted innocent youths. The police officers responsible for foisting false cases against innocent

youths should be brought before the law and prosecuted.

Repeal UAPA

4. The NCHRO reiterates its demand to repeal the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act and other

draconian laws like Armed Forces Special Powers Act immediately. It is also resolved to create a legal

aid cell and fund to help the innocent people held under UAPA.

Review Koodankulam Nuclear Project

5 NCHRO urges the Indian Govt to review its policy of constructing a mega nuclear project complex

in Koodankulam with Russian assistance ignoring the genuine doubts and fears expressed by the

people of Tamil Nadu and nearby states. We condemn the Tamil Nadu Govt for not withdrawing

number less the cases against peaceful agitators of Kootankulam as instructed by the Supreme

Court of India. We urge the state govt to immediately withdraw all these cases

Out of turn promotions in Tamil Nadu.

6.It is a travesty of justice that the Tamil Nadu govt has recently given gallantry awards worth Rs 3

crores and out of turn promotions for about 250 policemen for arresting three people accused in

the murder of BJP leaders. At least two news magazines have published news items that these three

people were actually surrendered to the police after negotiation with higher authorities through

intermediaries. The TN police have not denied this allegation. Following the NHRC guidelines the

TN govt had issued its own guidelines that no such gallantry awards and out of turn promotions

be given to the police officials who have participated in encounter killings. NCHRO feels that these

guidelines are applicable in this case also and calls up on the TN govt to release a white paper on the

arrest of these three people and withdraw the gallantry awards and promotions given to the police


Release Abdul Nasar Ma’adani on bail

7. We urge the govt of Karnataka to release Mr. Abdul Nasser Ma’adani on bail as he requires

immediate high speciality treatment for various health problems