//Real Story of the Ishrat Fake Encounter: Javed Sheikh @ Pranesh Pillai worked for I B

Real Story of the Ishrat Fake Encounter: Javed Sheikh @ Pranesh Pillai worked for I B

13 February 2014

CBI in its 2nd charge sheet suppressed phone call records between a Mumbai based Police/IB contact and Gujarat Police Inspector JG Parmar which would have proved beyond doubt that Gujarat Police was passing on instructions to Javed Sheikh. The same Mumbai based contact co-ordinated with Javed for the abduction of Salim @ Bunty @ Amjad Ali over several phone calls.


A day before Ishrat and three others were killed in a fake encounter on 15th June, 2004, Assistant Commissioner of Police GL Singhal was called by his boss, DG Vanzara IGP, to approve a draft of a complaint that was prepared in advance to be filed against Ishrat and others on 15th June for their alleged act of terrorism. The reaction of Mr. Singhal to the imaginary complaint was interesting. In his own words, Mr Singhal has recorded his statement before CBI on 11.4.2013:

He (Vanzara) had showed me a complaint written in his own handwriting wherein some contents (names, number of rounds etc) were not written. It was pertaining to this case and the story of encounter in the complaint of what was registered later as Ahmedabad City DCB PS I CR No. 8/04. I had voiced my disagreement to Shri Vanzara on reading this draft complaint. My differences were basically on two points. One, the motive in the draft FIR mentioned a plan to kill the Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi; but this was wrong. Since I had interrogated Amjadali, I knew the motive was different. Two, I had serious objections to killing the girl, Ishrat. I had said we let her go, and had promised to ensure that she would not spill the beans about this operation to anyone. Despite my strong objections, Shri Vanzara insisted on keeping the motive involving the Chief Minister and on killing the girl and branding her later as a woman terrorist. He had told me that this was already discussed with kali dadhi and safed dadhi, and that they wanted it that way.


The statement of Singhal, the trusted officer of Gujarat Crime branch ought to have concluded the entire story of Ishrat encounter. It was the desire of the Chief Minister Narendra Modi and then Minister of State for Home Amit Shah that killing of Narendra Modi should be shown as the motive for the Jehadi terrorist and Ishrat should be branded as a woman terrorist and killed. Right from beginning, the conspiracy to carry out the fake encounter was to make Modi appear as the target of the alleged terrorists and the job to carry out the fake encounter was entrusted to the Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau Chief Rajinder Kumar and DG Vanzara, the Crime Branch Chief. The entire operation was sanctioned and approved by Modi and Amit Shah.

Mr. Singhal in his statement to CBI has pointed out that the story goes back to May-June of 2002 when few Muslim boys from Ahmedabad had run away to POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) after the 2002 riots. Assad and Owais were two such boys who came back in the month of May, 2003. Shri Singhal as the IO of another case (DCB-6 of 2003) in respect of Jehadi activities had come in contact with Assad and Owais and in turn had introduced them to SIB Chief Rajinder Kumar. After that, Shri Rajinder Kumar had taken over the two boys completely, and both had played roles given by the IB in the operation that finally culminated in the Ishrat encounter.

The Plan: The plan that was drawn up by Rajinder Kumar and Vanzara was to use their informers and/or decoys to abduct at least two Kashmiri youth having some link with underground militants, bring them over to Gujarat and stage an encounter to make it appear that the terrorist had come to Gujarat to kill the Chief minister. Rajinder Kumar had already carried out one such encounter on 13th January, 2003, where Sadik Jamal was killed in a fake encounter. Assad and Owais were used by Rajinder Kumar in the last week of April, 2004, to lure and trap Jishan Johar who was brought to Ahmedabad by Assad (shown as C1 in Charagesheet) and housed in Gota housing and kept under audio surveillance.

The source used by SIB Chief to trap another militant was one Javed @ Pranesh Pillai and his friend Miraj of Ibrahimpur village UP, to lure one Salim @ Amjad Ali @ Bunty who was alleged to be a native of Sargoda in Pakistan and had allegedly worked under LeT Deputy Commander Muzammil. He had allegedly received a bullet injury on his shoulder while crossing the LoC in Kashmir. The modus operandi as disclosed by the CBI interrogation of sisters of Miraj and his neighbors in Ibrahimpur was that all four, namely Miraj, Salim, Javed and Ishrat met in Miraj’s house in his village during the beginning of the month of May, 2004 where Salim was introduced to Javed by Miraj and Javed posing as a firearm trader had won the confidence of Salim.

Javed who was living with his family in Pune thereafter invited Salim to Pune. On 24th May, Salim turn up in Pune and on the same day Javed bought a Tata Indica car at Pune. A Mumbai Based Police/IB contact (+912230958128) made several calls to Javed from 21st to 28th of May 2004 to coordinate the operation of Salim’s abduction.

Mumbai based Police/IB contact
Call Duration
21 May 2004 912230958128 007:37 9850030686
21 May 2004 912230958128 007:30 9850030686
22 May 2004 912230958128 002:12 9850030686
23 May 2004 912230958128 000:22 9850030686
23 May 2004 912230958128 000:23 9850030686
23 May 2004 912230958128 000:52 9850030686
24 May 2004 912230958128 003:37 9850030686
28 May 2004 912230958128 001:51 9850030686

As per the plan, Javed brought Salim to Ahmedabad on 25th along with Ishrat (the blunder that costed her life) and they stayed in a hotel in Sarangpur. On 26th May, 2004, Salim was told to go to GOTA where he was abducted by N. K. Amin and other IB officers.

The operation would have gone smoothly, if not, for the presence of Ishrat Jahan when Salim was brought to Ahmedabad for being handed over to the police. Rajinder kumar, Amit Shah, Vanzara wanted her to be eliminated since she had become a witness to the abduction {the same fate that was met by Kauserbi as she became the witness to her husbands death in Sohrabuddin case}. Singhal was totally against the killing and even refused to cooperate. The evidence shows that on 6th June, a call was made from Gandhinagar PCO to Javed asking him to come over to Ahmadabad with Ishrat. Javed, who as a IB informer, never dreamt of being eliminated for the good work he did for the police, did travel back to Ahmedabad on 12th of Ju
ne, 2004 along with Ishrat. The climax off this story is better told in the words of Singhal himself:

On 09.06.2004 at around 10:15 pm, I had received a message from Shri DG Vanzara to speak to him on phone. When I had called him accordingly, he had instructed me to meet Shri Rajinder Kumar, JD IB, Ahmedabad at his residence, A2 Samarpan Flats, Ahmedabad. Accordingly I reached there. I was told by the JD, IB that Javed @ Pranesh Pillai, who was under watch by the IB for his associations and activities with Amjad Ali, was coming to Ahmedabad along with a girl. The JD said that these persons would come in an Indica car, gave me its number and colour (blue), and asked me to pick up both persons before they reached Ahmedabad. I thought the idea of picking up the girl was bad: first, the girl was not needed for our operational purposes, and it could also lead to complications. Therefore, I had opined that we should allow them to reach Ahmedabad, and then wait for an opportunity to take the boy alone. I don’t know why Shri Rajinder Kumar insisted on lifting both en-route. Finally, I declined to do it.

Therefore, Shri Rajinder Kumar talked to Shri Vanzara, who directed Shri NK Amin to reach Shri Rajinder Kumar’s house. On 12th evening I came to know that the lift has happened and both persons have been brought to Khodiyar farm by the team of Crime Branch.

A few hours after the encounter, the same Mumbai based police/IB contact who had co-ordinated the kidnapping of Amjad Ali through Javed Sheikh called up his contact in Ahmedabad, Police Inspector JG Parmar. JG Parmar was also the complainant in the first FIR filed by Gujarat Police in the Ishrat case.

Mumbai based police officer
Call Duration
JG Parmar
15 June 2004 912230958128 105 919825234049
15 June 2004 912230958128 120 919825234049
15 June 2004 912230958128 111 919825234049

The most revealing evidence that Gujarat Police was in touch with Javed Sheikh through a common contact point in Mumbai has been completely suppressed by CBI.

Thus ended the lives of four young people at the altar of Modi’s politics. The second Chargesheet instead of taking the investigation to the logical end has shamelessly prevented the whole truth to come out. The BJP and their cohorts are desperately trying to paint Ishrat as a terrorist to save their Prime Ministerial candidate. We wonder, when our country will have the courage to realize that it is he who is the terrorist and not Ishrat!

courtesy :- Truth of Gujarath