//NCHRO Statement; SC judgement on fake encounters

NCHRO Statement; SC judgement on fake encounters

26 September 2014
NCHRO welcomes the guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court for police encounters to prevent fake encounters. Certainly this will be one more arm in the hands of human rights defenders to speak and fight against fake encounters.  However one should not forget that such directives are given by the courts in some previous judgments related to fake encounters. NHRC also has given such guidelines which include that encounter killings are to be investigated by a different agency other than that involved in the encounter and no out of turn promotion and gallantry awards should be given to those involved in the encounters immediately after it.  Though such guidelines and directives are already  there the governments never cared to follow these.  The media eulogises  the police killers as “encounter specialists”  and in popular cinemas the police officers openly challenges  to eliminate those who challenges them in encounters.

Only when the social conscious is awakened against this common sense attitude that only through fake encounters the law and order would be maintained. Most fake encounters are done to eliminate innocent people and activists who are fighting for the peoples cause.

We hope these comprehensive guidelines issued by the apex court will be useful in fighting against these common sense believes also.

Prf.A Marx                                                                                                              Prf.Pkoya

(Chairperson)                                                                                                          (Gen.Sec.)