//Pramod Muthalik hisses at ‘kiss of love’ campaign

Pramod Muthalik hisses at ‘kiss of love’ campaign

21 November 2014

“If the kiss of love campaign comes to the State, we will have no choice but to take the law into our own hands,” said Pramod Muthalik, Sri Ram Sene leader, here on Sunday. Addressing presspersons, Mr. Muthalik called the campaign “immoral” and something that should be “done in the confines of the house”. “We have protested against the campaign in Kerala and if something like this happens anywhere in Karnataka, we will forcefully stop it,” he said.

Resorting to extreme measures was needed because people “have lost faith in the judiciary and the legal processes,” he said. “For instance, atrocities against women have been on the rise as there is no fear among rapists. They know the legal process is a long one,” he said.

On the recent Tirthahalli incident, Mr. Muthalik said both the Congress and the BJP had politicised the issue with their “unsavoury” comments. However, he claimed there was “enough suspicion” to believe the police investigation was being suppressed to protect the accused.

Meanwhile, Sri Ram Sene would conduct martial arts training for women in the district in December. The organisation said the two-day training in Hubballi recently had seen over 100 participants.