//Resolution passed in the New Maharashtra Chapter Meeting

Resolution passed in the New Maharashtra Chapter Meeting

Maharashtra chapter of NCHRO formed  in a meeting organised at Jubilee hall on 5th April 2015. New committee comprised of the following .

President : Santosh Saple

Vice-President: Subhash Sareen

Vice-President: Jyoti Jagtap

General Secretary: Adv saifan Shaikh

Secretary: Umair Dafedar

Secretary: sudhir Mourice

Treasurer: Asif Sk



Members List

Adv. Babita Kesarwani

Adv Uttam Jagirdar

Adv YK Shabana

SK Salim

Jaffer khan

Nisar syed


Razi khan

Aamer khan Imran kazi Mohsin sk

Aslam syed

Abdul karim Kashif sk

Rupali jadhav

Azhar tamboli


1. How to combat the fascism

2. Law against Conversation (Anti conversation bill is the against constitution): The Indian Constitution in Article 25 grants to citizens of India of all religious persuasions freedom to profess, practise and propagate their faith in a way that does not disrupt public order and does not affect public health and morality adversely. The Article 25 of the Indian Constitution is a basic human rights guarantee that cannot be subverted or misinterpreted in any manner. It is in this context that the anti-conversion laws in India must be viewed. Anti-conversion laws are promulgated on the premise that forced or induced conversions happen and need to be prevented. Such laws are controversial because they run the risk of being abused by communal forces who may have the tacit approval of the dominant political party in the state or country.

3. Stop the  custodial torture and custodial death:

4. Repeal Gau-vansh (caw Vansh ) and Beef ban laws:

Thumbing its nose at the ban on sale and consumption of beef imposed by the Maharashtra government, “What one should eat or wear, or what language should one speak -all these are personal choices and they simply cannot be imposed. Our main concern is that this ban should not spread to the rest of the country

5.  Adopt a comprehensive law against ‘HONOUR’ killings and ‘HONOUR’ crimes:

According to statistics from the United Nations, one in five cases of honour killing internationally every year comes from India. Of the 5000 cases reported internationally, 1000 are from India. Non-governmental organisations put the number at four times this figure. They claim it is around 20,000 cases globally every year. hence to prevent such kind nonour killings and honor crime  ti is nessecery to adopt a comprehensive law against ‘HONOUR’ killings and ‘HONOUR’ crimes

6. Repeal the Land Acquisition Act.

7. Protect the Minorities Rights and Stop attack on different group of minorities

8.  Repeal draconian  law’s like UAPA.

9. Stop increasing atrocities on Dalit communities in Maharashtra

10. Organize  State level program  on the 26th June anti torture day

11. Organize 3  workshop on human rights violations in Pune, Mumbai and Nanded.