//State Atrocities on Rights Activists: Table Talk held at Chennai

State Atrocities on Rights Activists: Table Talk held at Chennai

Press Statement
Chennai 31st August 2015: After BJP government came to power human rights defenders and organisations are targeted and victimized. Teesta Setalvad, Green Peace activists and thousands of NGOs are the present victims of the state repression.
It is the time to stand up for building a platform for the defense of the rights activists to save the democracy, secularism and the civil rights.
With this agenda, a table talk of human rights activists and advocates was held at ICSA seminar hall in Chennai here on Thursday (27th August 2015) last week.
Adv. K.P. Mohamed Shareef, Vice-Chairperson of NCHRO moderated the discussion. He narrated the sinister design of the PM Modi government to satisfy the corporates by crushing the rights activists and their affiliations. Teesta Setalwad was targeted by Modi only because of her invaluable legal activism to frame the culprits of Gujarat genocide before the court of law and peeled of the real face of Narendra Modi, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat.
Prof. A. Marx, Chairperson of NCHRO opined that we might have some different opinions about the NGOs. But, targeting of rights activists like Teesta and Priya Pillai by the Modi BJP government through back door with cunning should never be allowed. A joint statement of different human rights forums at national level should be given against the move of the government with ulterior motive. It is too sad that, he said, the UN Charter safe guarding the Human Rights defenders is only in paper, as unimplemented.
Adv. Muthukrishnan, who fought against the atrocities of Indra Gandhi during the emergency promised to render legal assistance for defending the rights activists and called for the lawyers to commit themselves in defense of the human rights. Fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution are being willfully violated by the Modi government. I have confidence that we can win, if we work with steadfastness and courage.
T.S.S. Maniyan of PUCL said the current scenario is taking me to the regime of emergency. Not only for me, even Advani is also having the same feeling, which indicates, their own camp is also in the same fever. Then, what should I say about the common people? Yes, the “Emergency Camel” is getting inside the “Democratic Tent” by slowly. So, we should start our campaign without delay. In general, even the persons holding the responsible posts in the media are not showing any interest to know or speak about such happenings or violation of the human rights or the targeting attack of the government on the rights activists. Media left Teesta abandoned, here raises the question about their social responsibility.
BJP is following, which was started by the Congress. Both are held responsible. Now, it is the situation prevailing in our country, as well as in Tamilnadu, even the rights enumerated in the law also in danger. So, we should come out with a concrete platform with united effort, Adv. S. Manokaran, Arivu Sudar Naduvam said.
Mohamed Sheik Ansari of Popular Front of India said that there was a wrong picture projected by the government and Cinema about the human rights activists among the general public. But it was the rights activists, struggled against the evil clutches of the state machinery and protected the rights of the people. Unfortunately, these achievements were hide from the eyes of the people and activists were shown in the bad light by the vested interest groups in favour of the state. These problems should be overcome.
It was decided to conduct such table talks in different parts of the country viz., Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and by coordinating the different civil rights organizations across the country to chalk out a plan for defending the rights activists from the evil clutches of state acting with ulterior motive.
Since, the rights activist and documentary film maker Gopal Menon, Convener of the programme was held up at Calicut in his unexpected schedule, he was unable to turn up this meeting and he entrusted Adv. K.P. Mohamed Shareef of Kerala to proceed with the meeting.
Adv. A. Mohamed Yusuff (National Lawyers’ Network), D. Mario Johnson (Arivu Sudar Naduvam), Adv. N.M. Shajahan (Madurai) also spoke in the meeting.
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