//NCHRO Karntaka Chapter organized an event to mark International Day

NCHRO Karntaka Chapter organized an event to mark International Day

altNCHRO Karntaka Chapter organized an event to mark International Day in Support of Victims of Torture on 26th June 2016, in Bangalore, India.


26-June-2016, Sunday – Town Hall – Bangalore, India

Human rights activists had gathered in front of Town Hall, Bangalore  to stand in solidarity with all victims of torture. Representatives stood together to condemn the use of any form of  torture.

The event started at 11am lead by Adv. S Balan who is the NCHRO Karnataka Chapter President and Eminent Lawyer at Karnataka High Court.

The speakers at the event includes:-  Ganesh from BTF(By the Worker, To the Worker & For the Worker),  Mohammed Kakkinje, Gen. Secratary of NCHRO Karnataka Chapter,  Vengopan from Fascist Virodhi Samithi, Jnanamurthy Secratary of NCHRO Karnataka Chapter and Mallesh from Jathi Vinash Samithi.

Speakers insisted on the absolute prohibition of torture and all other forms of ill-treatment. Reminded the  obligation of prevention of all forms of Torture. The preventative role of human rights bodies that  monitor the treatment of persons deprived of their liberty is now more important than ever. No justification for the use of torture, which is an act that intentionally inflicts physical and psychological harm and is being practiced in our country with impunity,”  they added.

As a matter of law, torture has been categorically prohibited for decades. Speakers pointed on  various human rights issues such as :-

·         Everybody including State actors should fully  commit themselves to the eradication of torture, Noticing that Extrajudicial killings         and enforced disappearances are increasing in our country.

·         A comprehensive law against torture that ensure culprits will be punished without delay.

·         Prevent use of torture and ill-treatment of suspects in police custody.

·         Eradicate systematic forms of violence and control of people on the basis of Caste, Tribe, Color and Religion.

·         Curb Impunity, lack of accountability, in all  law enforcement sectors.

·         The state  may have smirked at the laws on torture. Our courts must not.

Various plight of torture survivors and their demand for recognition and justice also narrated. The gathering issued a call for support for the protection and preservation of human dignity.