//India not a happy nation: Survey

India not a happy nation: Survey


New Delhi, October 17: The world is not a very happy place. Researchers at Britain's University of Leicester have an interesting explanation to give, you might just be in the wrong country.

According to Adrian White, an analytic social psychologist at Leicester who developed the first "World Map of Happiness," Denmark is the happiest nation in the world, as revealed by BusinessWeek online.

According to the survey, Denmark and five other European countries, including Switzerland, Austria, and Iceland, came out in the top 10, while Zimbabwe and Burundi pulled up the bottom.

The cause of happiness has been attributed to factors like health, the level of poverty, access to basic education and population size.

India ranked 125, China 82 and UD 23.

Countries with greater sense of national intergrity scored better compared to those with large populations.