//Satan worship on the rise in Mizoram?

Satan worship on the rise in Mizoram?

– By Sangzuala Hmar, India Enews ,February 01, 2007

Several incidents of burnt Bibles, vandalised churches and defiled cemeteries in Mizoram in the past year have fuelled suspicion that Satan worship is on the rise in the northeastern state.

In July 2006, the Kawnpui Hmar Veng Presbyterian Church was vandalised by suspected Satan worshippers. The church's altar was desecrated, Bibles were torn into pieces and burnt, and one church elder even claimed that drops of blood had been found.

Two months later, the Kolasib Presbyterian Church seemed to have been targeted, with burnt Bibles and a desecrated altar.

In November, five youths were caught filming semi-nude inside a non-functional United Pentecostal Church (UPC) on the outskirts of Aizawl. They told a church elder that they were shooting a satanic scene for an anti-Satan film.

A month later, two churches in Lunglei, known as the second capital of Mizoram, were found desecrated and vandalised. Police nabbed two people who apparently confessed to their crime saying they had acted according to their beliefs.

Psychologists and church workers say the influence of Western movies could be fuelling such heinous acts.

Rev. Vanlalchhuanawma, vice principal of the Aizawl Theological College, said it could be an outcome of parents neglecting their children.

'The rotten seed we sowed bore us nothing but rotten fruits, it's high time we practiced family values at home and took good care of our children,' he said.

In December 2006, a local weekly conducted a survey on Satanism in the state and said there could be more than hundred Satan worshippers.

It was reported that the Council for World Mission had also asked the Presbyterian Church of Mizoram if Satan worship had grown rapidly, as was written in The Washington Times.

A seven-page report earlier prepared by the faculty of Aizawl Theological College said that Satanic rituals made it mandatory to practice illicit, even unnatural sex, incest and the use of psychotropic drugs. The powerful Presbyterian Church authorised the research by the college.

The report, submitted to the Aizawl district Superintendent of Police, quoted some boys and girls involved in the rituals as saying: 'We sat silently during devotional meetings in our home and worshipped Lucifer.'