//Police Harassment on Human Rights Activist in Ranchi

Police Harassment on Human Rights Activist in Ranchi


New Delhi, August15: National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations (NCHRO) demanded disciplinary action against the SP of Pakur, Jharkhand for stalking the harassing the human rights activist Swati Sinha in Ranchi. In a statement issued by the confederation, the general secretary Prof. P. Koya said that a fact finding mission had been sent by NCHRO to enquire into the police excesses when dealing with a protest march at Pakur against mob lynching across the country and hate message circulated by a local BJP leader Hisabi Roy.

The protest was lead by Popular Front of India on 5th July. 43 people had been arrested and they got bail after 23 days.

The interim report of the fact finding team was released in a press conference on 11 August at Pakur and it was widely published by Hindi newspapers and channels the next day to the great embarrassment of Pakur police. Swati Sinha was one of the members of the fact finding team.


On 14th August, two cops from Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) came to Swati’s house and harassed her asking unnecessary questions as instructed by Mr. Shailendra Prashad Warnval, the Superintendent of Police of Pakur. NCHRO strongly condemns the act of Jharkhand police, the statement said.

This is nothing but curtailing human rights activism using the police machinery. It means, the fact finding team might have shed light on the illegal actions of the Pakur police.

NCHRO demands the Director General of Police, Jharkhand and the Chief Minister to initiate disciplinary action immediately and ensure the safety and security of Swati Sinha, who also happens to be a stalwart in the field of rights activism.

Prof. P. Koya
General Secretary
NCHRO, New Delh