//NCHRO organised Seminar on "Denial of Citizenship in Assam"

NCHRO organised Seminar on "Denial of Citizenship in Assam"

altNew Delhi: NCHRO organised a Seminar on “Denial of Citizenship in Assam” here today on 13 March 2012 at Constitution Club in New Delhi. The programme was chaired by Reny Ayline, National Co-ordinator of NCHRO.

Adv. A. Mohamed Yusuff, General Secretary of NCHRO – Tamilnadu Chapter welcomed the gathering. The keynote paper, “Who are the ‘D” Voters?” was presented by Dr. A. Bashar, President of NCHRO – Assam Chapter.

Followed by Dr. A. Bashar, Prof. Sheikh H.A. Ali – President, Society for Total Empowerment of Minorities, Assam (STEM), Adv. Aminul Islam, Guwahati High Court, Assam, Adv. Monowar Hossain Hahangir, MLA, AIUDF, Assam, Prof. P. Koya – Editor, Thejas Daily, Kerala addressed in the programme.

Victims from Assam, Mrs. Kanchan Nessa, Taizuddin Ahmed, Abul Kasem, Kishmat Ali (LP Teacher), Shamsul Huda (ME Teacher), Manaf Ali and Abdul Samad expressed their bitter experience to the audience with tears, that how they are being treated in the name of ‘D’ Voters and Doubtful Citizens.

Reny Ayline, National Co-ordinator of NCHRO has delivered his concluding remarks.

Ansarul Haque, Co-ordinator of NCHRO – Rajasthan Chapter read the Resolutions and delivered Vote of Thanks. Delegates from Assam and students of various universities from Delhi participated in the programme.


  1. NCHRO urges  both the Central government and Assam State Government to intervene into the issue of ‘D’ Voters of Assam, which has been tarnishing their life for a long period and treat them as  human beings and make the people live and lead their lives with the dignity as Indian Citizens.
  2. In the name of Maoism, so many human rights activists, Adivasis, dalith people arrested by the police, while Muslim youths are arrested by the same police by tagging them as Terrorists. In Chattisgarh Soni Sori still in the jail and Narendra Mohanthy in Odisha is facing the illegal arrest. Innocent Journalist Kazmi arrested at Delhi without any solid evidence. NCHRO condemn all illegal arrests of innocent people and urges the government to stop such kind of human rights violations and demand the release these innocents.