//NCHRO Participated in Protest against genocide in Syria

NCHRO Participated in Protest against genocide in Syria

altPress Release /New Delhi 16 December : National Confederation of Human Rights Organisation (NCHRO) participated in the protest jointly organized by Concerned Indian Citizen in front of Syrian embassy in New Delhi against the ongoing genocide of Syrian people by the dictator Basharul Assad and his allies Iran, Russia.

Delhi state NCHRO convener Ansar Indori said in protest that the Indian government should immediately break all diplomatic relation with Syria and call back the ambassador from Syria and return the Syrian Ambassador from India. He also said that the reports coming from Aleppo those pro-government forces had executed civilians on including women and children. This is a crime against humanity. They are punishing Syrian people only because people stood up against a brutal dictatorship and demanded democracy.

Participants raise slogans against Bashar Al Assad and his government. Participants said that if genocide did not stop we would hold larger protests and rallies in future.

Various organizations participated in the protest