//Aler Encounter -NCHRO Protest at Delhi urges to file criminal case

Aler Encounter -NCHRO Protest at Delhi urges to file criminal case

New Delhi: “National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations (NCHRO) conducted a Protest March in Jantar Mantar on 24th October 2015, Saturday demanding CBI Probe, Compensation to the Victims’ Family and to lodge the Criminal Case u/s 302 IPC against the Police involved in the Custodial Murder of five Muslim under trials at Aler on 7th April 2015 (Aler Encounter) and the immediate arrest of those police officials.

NCHRO, the umbrella body of human rights forums and civil rights activists has been conducting the series of agitations for the past six months in this issue.

On 7th April 2015, five Muslim under trial prisoner’s viz., Viquar Ahmed, Mohammed Haneef, Syed Amjad Ali, Mohammed Zakir and Izhar Khan were killed in a fake encounter by the Telangana state police on the way to the Nampalli court at Hyderabad from Warangal central prison. It was nothing but the custodial murder carried out by the police.

Adv. K.P. Mohamed Shareef, Vice-Chairperson of NCHRO delivered presidential address. Adv. A. Mohamed Yusuff, National Secretary of NCHRO, Mohammed Arif Ahmed, Director of Public Relations, Popular Front of India, Adv. Sharfuddin Ahmed, National Vice-President of SDPI, Mohammed Abdul Ahad, Telangana State President of Popular Front, Mohammed Pervez Ahmed, Delhi State President of Popular Front addressed the gathering.

Family members of the deceased Muslim youths viz., Mohammed Ahmed (Father of Viquar Ahmed), Ishrath Banu (Wife of Haneef), Waseemunnisa (Sister of Zakir), Imtiyaz Ali (Brother of Amjad Ali) also addressed in the protest. Around hundred people participated in the protest march.

After the protest, a memorandum addressing Hon’ble Chief minister of Tealangana Shri K. Chandra Shekar Rao was submitted in Telangana State Bhawan, New Delhi by the victims’ family and the NCHRO office bearers.

The following resolutions were passed in the protest march:

  1. CBI Probe

The special investigation team (SIT) formed by the Telangana government will not do any justice to the victims. This is formed just to give a clean chit to the persons responsible for these fake encounters. We demand a CBI enquiry monitored by the Supreme Court. The bodies of all these five persons killed on April 7, 2015 should be exhumed and re postmortem should be done immediately.

  1. Provide Rs. 30 lakhs Compensation to each victim’s family

All these five persons killed in this fake encounter were in the judicial custody. Killing people in judicial custody is an increasing phenomenon in this country. Judiciary is responsible for the life and security of the people in its custody. It is deplorable that judiciary is not concerned about this. In this encounter in the Aler police station limit the judiciary and the Telangana state government should take the full responsibility for these cold blooded murders of the five under trials. We demand a compensation of Rs 30 lakhs to the family members of those killed.

  1. File Criminal Case against Delinquent Police officials and arrest them

Though detailed directives are provided by the Supreme Court and NHRC on what is to be done in the cases of encounter killings a clear cut mechanism should be evolved immediately without any loopholes so that the guilty should not escape from the clutches of law. It should be mandatory that cases should be filed against the police team involved in encounter killings for murder charges (Sec 302 IPC) and they should be suspended from service till they prove that they had no other way except to kill them to save themselves and do arrest the delinquent police officials involved in the murder.