//NCHRO Executive Council meeting

NCHRO Executive Council meeting

The NCHRO Executive Council meeting was held on 10 January 2016 in Indian Social Institute, Bangalore. Prof. Marx, National chairperson of NCHRO presided the meeting.  The meeting reviewed various state chapters’ performance and chalked out the future programmes.

The following Resolutions were passed in the meeting.

1 On intolerance

NCHRO views with concern the growing intolerance in the country which is being pronounced in various fields. It is also a matter of concern that the government at the centre is not taking any action against such elements. Attacks on individuals, religious groups and their practices are on the rise. NCHRO appeals to all right thinking people to stand united and oppose such negative forces.

2 Harassment of Activist

NCHRO condemns the attempts of the government to prevent Teesta Setalvad and Javed Anand from pursuing their activities by filing cases against them on flimsy grounds only to make it difficult for them to fight cases related to the Gujarat Genocide of 2002. NCHRO also seriously views the steps taken by the central government to create an atmosphere in which organisations cannot voice their opinions against its policies by either by cancelling the licence or preventing people from going abroad as seen in the case of Green Peace. The Confederation also feels that the FCRA is used by the government only to harass people or organisations it does not like.

3 On the return of awards

NCHRO appeals to all those intellectuals in different fields who have returned their awards to continue their fight against the communal and fascist forces now at the helm of affairs in the country. While appreciating them for their bold actions, NCHRO feels that a concerted political action is the need of the time and that the intellectuals and public figures have a responsibility to provide a leadership to such action.

4 On Dadri lynching

NCHRO demands that those responsible for the murder of Abdul Khalik at Dadri in UP on mere suspicion that he had stored beef in his house be acted against according to law and that attempts at criminalising even habits of other people be stopped.  Similarly the culprits belonging to upper caste in an UP village who killed an aged Dalit for trying to enter the village temple should also be punished under the law of the land.

5 Terror attacks in Punjab

NCHRO is concerned about the terrorist attacks from across the border and urge the government to take steps to take effective measures to prevent such loss of lives of our soldiers. It is also necessary to continue to hold talks with Pakistan on the issue bearing in mind that since Kashmir is the bone of contention, the people of Kashmir should be taken in to confidence.

6 Anti-national remarks

NCHRO condemns the anti-national remarks   being made by various leaders of outfits of the Sangh Parivar against minorities and secularists of this country. It also condemns the murder of rationalist thinkers Narendra Dhabolkar, Govind Pansare and MM Kalburgi and urges the governments of Maharashtra and Karnataka to trace the murderers and subject them to legal action at the earliest.

7 Police action against FTII students

NCHRO condemns   police action against the students of FTII, Pune for protesting against the imposition of Gajendra Chouhan,a small time actor and  a member of the ruling party, as the new director. This is done as part of the attempts of the BJP government at the centre to fill important positions in the field of culture with small people having rightist leanings.

8 On Prof Saibaba

NCHRO urges the government to facilitate the release of Prof G N Saibaba  on bail   in view of his physical condition. Prof Saibaba of the Delhi University was arrested on charges of alleged Maoist connections and though he was on bail for some time   his bail has been cancelled and he is back in  Nagpur prison again.  Prof  Saibaba is  confined to wheel chair right from his child hood and it is unfortunate that the courts have not considered this factor to give him bail. NCHRO also urges that the contempt proceedings against writer Arundhati Roy for criticising the decision of the court be dropped.

9 On under-trials in the country

It is reported that there are 2.54 lakh under- trials in various Indian prisons. Many of whom have spent more time behind bars than the period of imprisonment had they been   sentenced for their alleged crimes. Majority of them belong to Dalit, Adivasi and minority sections of the society and most of them are so poor that they cannot afford to pay the surety even when the courts grant them bail .NCHRO urges the judiciary to find out a way for such hapless people so that their precious lives are not wasted behind bars